1. Zenarus

    My GMB's + Your affiliate = Millions $$$

    Hello guys, i have around 5000 gmb's worldwide, and can make them, hijack them anywhere in the world for any big brand. im looking for people who has affiliate connections with big Telecom / Energy / Ecommerce / Cable / Utillity / Delta Airlines related stuff... i can drive around 500 sales...
  2. S

    Steal Website Traffic

    Hi guys, I know there is a service like this but i'm not sure where to find it. Say a customer types in e.g www.pornhub.com, I want X amount of people per day (the amount I paid for) to be automatically redirected to my website. Who offers this "hijacking traffic" service? Thanks
  3. Gazzerdroid

    Someone showing my domain name within search results.

    Hi all, Newbie here - this is my second post first on BHW. My first one being an introduction as per the forum rules. I’m not sure if I am posting this in the correct forum so please forgive and move as appropriate. Could someone please offer advice on the following: (Some wording and...
  4. K

    Anyone have experience in hijacking on amazon?

    Hey guys, I tried doing private label amazon FBA, and it was a loss for me :( I lost total a total of $2k, and I want to get as much of that back as possible. I have 3 different products. I was told I could hijack a person selling a similar product, and I could sell out in no time. They are...
  5. GodLy

    Twitter Followers Jacker Tool/Service - Quality Guaranteed by Devmine-team

  6. mystery

    Hijacking Other People's Youtube Vids

    Never tried it before, and I don't know if it'd risk my account getting banned. I'm getting into promoting clickbank products via youtube, but I was wondering about that... If I use, say a tool like Affiliate Hijacker and hijacked some vids belonging to other youtube members, watermarked...
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