high retention views

  1. dixonthomas

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  2. AlphardAster

    HR YouTube Views that rank in 2020?

    Hi everyone, I know that there are endless threads here about this, but I'd like something updated for today, as most of the threads are quite old. Do you have a panel that offers ACTUAL High Retention views that rank on YouTube, in 2020? I've been using Social Media Garden and QQTube for a...
  3. F

    Youtube high retention views

    I have the method to create youtube high retention views and I'm making a website to start selling it, but I don't know at what price should I sell it, so I want to ask you how much would you be able to pay for it. I'd appreciate a lot any suggestion.
  4. Whateverest

    "Real" Youtube views from ads VS. High retention views?

    Hey, I've seen most of the SMM panels are offering "Real" Youtube video views from ads. Have anyone tried these and how they're better (or worse) than high retention views?
  5. S

    Time To Cheat

    I have played nice on YouTube for months now and have I only got around 300 views per video organically (6 vids). I understand actual SEO really well (since 07) & learned YT SEO; tried all the whitehat stuff, still only 50 subs. Content is at least decent from a few indicators: I ran a boosted...
  6. JamesHere

    Free Unlimited YouTube Views

    Dear all members of BHW, At Retention Panel, we are giving away free 1000 fast and instant YouTube views. These views are non drop and come from worldwide countries. Since the YouTube updates, views from many different providers have been dropping constantly. These views we are giving away...
  7. JamesHere

    Free Working High Retention YouTube Views (75-95% watch time) - Retention Panel Giveaway

    Giving away free 1000 high retention views. These are desktop views and work for any videos including vevo videos. They have 75-95% watch time. Requirements: - at least 20 posts - leave a comment on the thread and then PM your YouTube video link
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  11. P

    Recommended High Retention Views

    Hi all I'm new :-) I have started up my own YT channel and I have had success naturally with 2 videos (20k views), but basically now I'm struggling because the niche I'm in is completely saturated (lifestyle, travel & beauty). I understand that in order to go up the rankings you need to...
  12. JamesHere

    Social Media Panel - YouTube Views 0.50/k, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Soundcloud | API |

  13. E

    Request for Free Youtube views! no AddmeFast no SYV no YLH... HR views anyone?

    Hi there, i ve been checkin for methods to get views over my videos, but mostly of the techniques i found here are no more usefull.... Addmefast doesnt work good any more, it will give you views but they will stuck at 301+ and will not be detected in youtube analytics as real views...
  14. sansarahub

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  15. Schindler

    Tips to rank youtube videos

    This is what I wanted to Say to all of those who are working on YouTube, Searching or even thinking to work Seriously on YouTube, First Thing! If Videos got removed, you should learn from what you did instead on being low and Thinking to leave Youtube! YouTube has surely changed something in...
  16. L

    Which of this 2 conccenps really mean HR?

    Hi, I've seen many people talking about HR as "How long someone watches your videos" meaning that if someone watches the 70% of your video that person would be a HR view, but I've also seen people saying that HR has got nothing to do with that but keeping a high number of views daily not matter...
  17. youtubemart

    Hi BHW-Cheapest youtube views seller here :))

    Hi BHW mates, I am here to serve you all with my cheapest youtube views services.Views are cheapest but the quality will be high. I will be posting my sales thread real soon. See you all in my thread :) Take care everyone
  18. howard_hughes

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