help for noob

  1. xXKpuTuKXx


    Hello guys! I am just curious is tagged still good place where to get traffic? Was trying to put link to my site but cant Is there any ways how to do it?

    Need some feed back BHW

    First off merry xmas to all bhw now i made a hard headed move and got my hands on a domain out of my lane and wanted to no how i should run with it i am a big fan of these streaming site for when i forget to dvr something and as the way i am if i like something i want my own lol so i got my...
  3. B

    [Newbie] Suggestions! How to deal with domain name issues.

    Hello all! I am new to BHW and new to the world of creating your own website. I have read several other posts and done a few weeks worth of research. I am looking to start my on dance music blog and I have a name in mind. By simply searching and typing in the name of the site I would like...
  4. S

    A little help would be appreciated :(

    I was referred to black hat world by a friend of a friend, a website that offered valuable information on ppcs and what not. I was a little hesitant because i have no experience in IT related stuff but according to my friend's friend i did not need in depth knowledge about IT for me to be able...
  5. xXKpuTuKXx

    FileIce and Sharecash

    Hello guys. I couldnt find any information about my question so i decidet to make new thread. Guys does anybody know if i put fake file for example: I promote on youtube call of duty crack and people got to link and download it from fileice but its not CoD Crack its just some random stuff to...
  6. simno

    How can I monetize 20m email list?

    Hy, guys I have ~20m emails. There are a lot of old and a lot of new emails. Majority of it is mixed-no niche, nothing.. :s How can I monetize it? What kind of soft I need to use for emailing people? P.S. I cant find threads about email money here. Please link me or answer here and I'll realy...
  7. J

    How to make my blog more popular?

  8. C

    Need some help getting blog traffic!

    Hey if some one could help me get some blog traffic that would be great! I have a blog that i would like to get more traffic but i am getting very little traffic right now so i am geting a little fusterated.:dontknow: Here is my blog.
  9. H

    I am being SCAMMED in Domaining

    Hey all... So to quickly update you : I purchased a domain, and about 2 days later I got a reply... It almost seems to good to be true. I offered to sell for 350 pounds, and then this guy comes in saying he is offering 16,000-18,000 USD.. Surely that seems a bit much..? I have attached the...
  10. H

    GoDaddy help ASAP!!!

    Hey guys! I feel like a complete tool / retard be cause I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, and have just wasted over 30 pounds on go daddy... Need HELP! Please all you professional web hosters.. So here's my deal : I went onto go and on the front page...
  11. B

    Trying to diversify, need some advice

    Hi guys, I am trying to give a try to Clickbank but I can't get a freaking sell. Hop Count=85 Hops per order form Imp=21 Order Form Imp.= 4 Sales=0000. I am promoting a work at home product to a very targeted audience using PPC (Adcenter), but soon I will run out of the budget to run this...
  12. G

    (newbie) want to learn more about blogging and beyond

    hi... i'm just an another newbie... I wanted to learn things... please suggest anything for this... and what's the first lesson (topic) I might read first???:)
  13. R

    Making Beats on Soundclick, but no money. Need some help/advice friends!

    Holla to all friends here. I'm a professional Hip-Hop and R&B Beat maker. Have made beats for E-40, Ying Yang Twins, Big Omeezy, Bow Wow, Da Muzicianz and many, many more. 3 week ago i made my Soundclick page. Ordered VIP account,designed nice and, i think, original Layout. Putted there also...
  14. bornformoney

    Help me how I should deal with neverblue about this! Please Help!

    Hello peeps Thanks a lot first of all to this forum...My favorite place to be on the whole net besides **** & fb :p...I read a thread on here about getting accepted to cpa networks... So I applied to neverblue and they almost approved it and this was what they sent me "Hello Thank you for...
  15. S

    Giant Noob Seeks Guidance

    It's not rocket science to see that 5 minutes in here and I am a :)NOOB all over again. I feel like a fat kid with a 50 dollar bill standing in the middle of a candy store, a week off weight watchers. This site is "wow" and the depth. My name is Dredge and I was wondering if there is a 101 to...
  16. E

    CPA Approve HELP!!

    I'm willing to pay anyone who can guarantee me an approval at this site. pm me your offers... cpa lead , com
  17. Y

    How do I use Black Hat World?

    Hello everyone, I am a Newbie here at BHW so sorry for the beginner questions. The reason I am asking this question is that I find I can't post a lot of things in this forum. Whenever I try to post something, it gets censored. How did everyone turn from a Newbie to a veteran is one can't post...
  18. A

    FREE Marketing - Need some Help [YouTube and all the other sites]

  19. N

    Help Please ! Forum Software

    Dear All the member of black hat, First, i wanna thanks for all who view on my post and anyone else can tell me which software and best for post on forum.I had tried few b4 like multi-poster not good enough for me and the system like not really works for me. Your help will be always appreciate...
  20. Gollum

    Posting an Offer in the Marketplace Section

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