1. S

    Guide me sir about backlink

    i wanted to know that. what is the next step when i already got almost all long tail keyword, im stuck that i still got no ranking on the main keyword... what should i do my friend ?
  2. C

    Transfer pdf to word

    Guys I really need help , and I don't know where can I find a solution , I want to transfer a pdf file to word While preserving the content, it's for my collage graduate.
  3. L

    Chaturbate Software Trafic Bots

    hello , who can help Me with traffic in my Chaturbate’s room ? Anyone know s ?
  4. G

    How to stay away form scammers

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if someone can fill me in a little bit about how to avoid being scammed on here. I got a few replies and messages. 2 of them disappeared one of them got banned. should I assume most messages will be scammers? If someone asks me to message them on TG or skype is...
  5. T

    What can you do in dropshipping with $302 Dollars?

    I'm Brazilian and I'm constantly studying dropshipping. Unfortunately, free courses and content in Brazil are a little sketchy when it comes to paid traffic. Therefore, I decided to follow some foreign content. However, our reality is different in relation to purchasing power, culture, etc...
  6. Alex1004

    I need help

    Hello we want to ask My website was hit by a phishing link There are 30 phishing links If left unchecked this will have a negative impact on my website Does anyone know of ROBOT TOOLS TO REPORT ALL THESE LINKS? I can't find the tool in goggle search If you guys provide me with information, I...
  7. P

    Hi I am looking to opening a tube and I have some questions concerning the hosting of the website

    I will be using the wp-script ,I have an offshore domain ,my goal is to reach 1k visitors per day and I plan to upload daily 50-70+ videos ,and here is where the problem starts. Should I buy a VPS or should I go with shared hosting or a dedicated server , and how much storage do I probably...
  8. S

    My first learning seo

    what should i do first to improve my wordpress ? at first, my da pa gaining number on da 2 and pa 8 , then when it almost a month, nothing change eventhough i already linkin it. btw im using layered link. i do it everyday with tier 2 and tier 3 link . And what should i do now to improve my...
  9. Z


    Hello CPABuild, Greetings to you all. Any Cpabuild representative here? I have been declined four times. I want to join the CPABuild network but they declined my application. How can I get an account on CPABuild? I'm asking to chat with any Cpabuild rep here for help or anyone help Thanks...
  10. N

    Need help finding what phone is in the picture

    Hello , I tried to search and ask a lot of people about this phone in the picture but couldn't find it . So if anybody can please help me . I know the resolution isn't that good but maybe someone could know it .
  11. Slangur

    Tiered Link Building Questions - Help?

    Tiered Link Building Questions I Have 1.) How many tier 1 links do i need on avg(rough estimate) to have back-linking to the article/moneysite? - What kind of links should be tier 1? Is it just social media links (FB/IG/YT/Pinterest/Twitter/etc)? 2.) How many tier 2 links are needed on avg...
  12. B

    Could You identify ad Network form below Screenshot?

    Hello Everyone! Hope you all are well in this difficult time. Can you know the ad network that they are using to run ads from the below screenshot? It's very Helpful for me. Thank you in Advance.
  13. DarkShine

    Need help from the community

    I am looking for a guest post opportunity for my website. My budget is limited to $100. I know $100 is low but I just quit my job to start my own firm. So I am looking for support from you guys.
  14. Sky Max

    A Newbie Need an advice ..

    Hello BHW members ! I'm new here and this is literally the beginning for me I've made Facebook my traffic source, I want to make a blog or a website, but I don't know what to focus on ! the way I made my traffic is by using model identity and start posting her pictures, it worked but I...
  15. hidemynamebeah

    Newbie here, help needed. :(

    Hey! I am newbie here on BHW and all that SEO stuff. Here met some articles where a guy was making online money from TikTok, he was happy. After few articles here I learnt about cpaBuild and OGads. Registered and my accounts there were closed. They need some facts and incomes made online, which...
  16. D

    I need clash of clans accounts

    Anyone have any old accounts or know how to get one without getting on a random website that’s going to give me malware
  17. D

    Help me if you want

    Hi, I would like to reach 10K on Instagram in a short time, a sort of challenge. If you want to help me and I would really appreciate it, I thank you in advance to all. David ;-)
  18. Bigcookies

    How does Xrumer work

    I just attempted to use it today but Im not getting any traffic and my success rate is deplorable In total ive had 4 successes 0 partial successes 146 profiles and everything else (5470) is at rest but what does that even mean
  19. jimmy pakulonan

    Amateur in SEO, Working on a Gambling Site, HELP

    Hello Black Hat World, i'm really a newbie in SEO, really from a scale of 1 - 10 Maybe i rate myself 1.5, my knowledge about SEO is only Basic What would you suggest i do to generate traffic to my Money Website? This website is about sportsbook Gambling, Here is my background, Graduated from IT...
  20. siuhin

    How to monetize art niche?

    I'm growing an account in the art niche and it's currently at 10k followers with 35-40% engagement. I actively engage with my audience and I don't use engagement groups. I currently give free art features but I plan to monetize with paid features later on. I will continue to grow this account...
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