1. D

    “Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by”

    I've been trying to run a cloaker on my page (Binomo cloaker) and I simply can't access the page, this error keeps appearing and I don't know what to do to solve it. Does anyone know how to help me? Is there anything I can do to resolve this and be able to run my page?
  2. curious_

    Site-wide internal header vs footer links weight

    Hey guys, Which site-wide links carry more SEO value header links or footer links? Any articles/tests that prove it? Google says: “Sitewide header and footer links are not a very great weight in general.” – Source But they didn't say which ones are more valuable. I know that header links may...
  3. nabilox

    Sociallyviral header

    Hi Guys, i use sociallyviral theme in my website and i want to delete the header and add a custom header, please how can i do that ?? i'll appreciate any suggestions, thanks in advance.
  4. conexur

    Hide or fake referer

    Hi: Happy holidays for everyone! I have a legit source of traffic but all the visitors come from same domain and I think this will be a problem in the future, so I want to appear more natural and dilute the referer on different domains. At this moment I have coded a simple php script with an...
  5. P

    Header code deleted in wordpress, how to retrieve it?

    Hello friends there is new query I am currently dealing with.. I was working on-page on my website that is in wordpress and accidentaly deleted header.php codes. Having no backup. Now the file is blank and the layout of the whole website is ruined. How to fix this issue? Or either it is...
  6. I

    Header add

    I am using WordPress but in desktop view my add does not appear in the header . While in Mobile view add appears ... Plz tell why???
  7. A

    Wordpress bimber theme cannot change header color

    Hello BHW Community! I am changing the header color from customizing section in WordPress, in preview mode, it seems like it is changing but when I save & publish nothing changes. I reset website caches, browser caches and did not help. I changed few other things and I can see that they change...
  8. R

    Trouble with Instagram

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this site and I'm certainly not much of a techie. I have a question about a problem I'm having with Instagram on the desktop. I notice that everyone on instagram has a profile with a banner or header with about 8 images in it and the images are like a slideshow where...
  9. 5

    X-forwarded-for SQL Injection

    Hello everybody, I have discovered an SQL Injection in the X-forwarded-for http header, but i got troubles exploiting it, i use the firefox plugin "X-forwarded-for Header" to edit the value and put the quote. Actually i should double quote to see the error message using : '", this is the error...
  10. yordanov

    Original LOGO, BANNER and HEADER design. Two concepts for the Logo. Only for $18! (Approved)

    Original and professional logo, banner and header design. Two concepts for the Logo. Only for $18! Two different designs (concepts) and two revisions (if you are not satisfied) for your great and professional Logo! What is needed for making your Logo, Banner or Header: -company name...
  11. BlackHatKnight

    Need help with Ubot

    I want to send custom http headers when i visit certain website using Ubot but i don't know how to do it? Also i am looking for someone with Ubot developer edition, i will pay $50 for small job, won't take 1 hour.
  12. C

    Can you put a table in Easel wordpress theme header"

    Hi all, I try but look like get a trouble here is the link http://casino-poker-gambling.fr/casino-top-offers-news/ Because if i put tons of banners with no text look like a "Christmas page" :D Just want to have banners and link in header or exemle "welcome page video youtube" if it's possible...
  13. gunner108

    Help with new twitter design!!

    The new twitter layout with header and other things has been a pain... The header image is very easy to upload, but when i click on change my dp, some window pops up and need to crop out half of my pic... I've tried with various resolutions but always need to crop out! But i've seen many people...
  14. The-Truth

    *****FREE****** Check it!

    Hey guys, I created a new fiverr gig and would love to get to work on it :) Therefore anyone who wants FREE banners/headers/flyers etc etc let me know and I will deliver the gig and your money back! I am open to comment exchanges as well, if you prefer those.
  15. The-Truth

    [FREE] Banners/Headers/Flyers For 5 BHW MEMBERS!

    Hey guys, I just created a new fiverr gig and I would like to get some reviews in just to kick-start the project. Whoever is interested, leave a comment and I will deliver the gig and refund your money OR we can do comment exchanges if you prefer that :) (FIRST 5 PPL ONLY)
  16. john1444

    Logo | Banner | Header | eCover | Timeline Starting at $14.95 only

  17. nirmar

    Which software you are using to make Logo / Header ?

    Which free software you are using to create logo / header images for wordpress ? Any sites recommended for Poker royalty free images ? I have Google it and also search on bhw but have not find any best solutions, please anyone can help me here ? Thanks.
  18. W

    I will help you install wordpress for free

    Got trouble installing wordpress on your server ??? Maybe the header, themes, plugins, etc... even your domain and hosting or cpanel need help, please feel free to kick me!
  19. bigkee42

    WTH: Quick Header Change

    Hello Everyone, I have a header needs the wording changed. I am willing to pay $10 through Paypal.
  20. T

    Example of "Complete" proper Meta Tags

    This is a good example of what COMPLETE meta tag data should look like for flat-file and standalone websites. I have had very good results. <head> <base href="/" /> <title>Same Order - Of Keywords - As Meta Keyword Content</title> <meta http-equiv="Content-type"...
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