hashtag strategy

  1. C

    How do I find the best hashtags for my page?

    My hashtags are not doing so well on my pages, so that's the reason for posting this thread.If anyone can share their strategy on getting the winning hashtags that get followers and get the account going on the explore page I would gladly appreciate it.
  2. TonyToan

    NEED HELP with creating hashtag set

    Which are the key factors that you guys use to categorize your hashtags into groups? based on the number of posts or based on the type of content in the Top Post?
  3. summi

    Tips to solve Shadow banned Issue

    I have more than 10 accounts having 50k+ followers all handled by different VA by manually each account has separate devices. Earlier having growth 2k follower a day after shadowbanned now each day have a negative follower. All post reach only have home impression no hashtag or another...
  4. Pouya Eti

    Instagram Hashtag Strategy to Increase Engagement

    Hey I am a digital marketing expert and several weeks ago I came up with a change in my hashtags which ended up increasing the engagements on my posts up to 20 times more. For example my posts generally got 2k - 3k reach on Instagram but after my new strategy it got to 15k -22k reach which is...
  5. Heisenberg's Hat

    Hashtags not working

    I had up to "28% not following you" in my analytics - those hashtags worked. I got results on average around 12 to 15%. But I tended to use the same basic 20 over and over again plus 10 that were more detailed about the photo. Now I did hashtag research to better target the audience. I...