hashtag problem instagram

  1. hexelbyte

    Weird observation? Hashtag in Caption vs Comment

    So I just observed something that was bizarre. When I pasted my hashtags in the captions, the post did NOT show up in the # Recent. However, when I posted the hashtags in the comments, it did show up. o_O I was looking across the internet (as well as this forum) and people have mixed thoughts...
  2. K

    Can't create any Hashtags in Instagram Stories

    Hello all, I am a new member on BHW. Maybe you can help me out with my problem: Since a while I can't add any Hashtags in my Instagram Stories. (Hashtags can be added to normal posts, only in Stories it doesn't work) I already tried following: Deleted the app and reinstalled it, reseted my...
  3. fxmanaged

    Weird Hashtag Observation

    Today I decided to go through all our hashtags on a PC to see if any generated Instagram's "community guidelines" message. You know, the one you see sometimes when you search for a hashtag on IG: "Top posts from #hashtag are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that...
  4. Charlee3

    Hashtags problem? Shadowban?

    Hi, For a few months now I have had a limitation to appear in top hashtags. The problem is that it never appears in the top hashtags no matter how small the hashtags are. This is causing a problem in one of my accounts that is seeing its visibility diminished. The account does not appear...