hacked site

  1. qwertzui11

    Spammy links from hacked sites with scraped content

    I am having a bit of a hard time with seo nowdays on my ecommerce site. As I looked through my backlinks, I am finding an absolute flood of spammy backlinks. I possibly can rule out a negative attack, because its not just for my site, but for a lot of competitors and other ecommerce site from...
  2. L

    i have issue i want to get data from website

    i want to get data from website but i dont know who can help me with that what i need is email and phone number from website

    RSA.com anti fraud email site now shut down

    I received this as did host gator who suspended the site. has anyone got any experience of this. looking in my cpanel there is the directory they list. been there since sept and it wasnt me who added it. when you put address in it comes up with 404 message. wary about handing over zip of the...
  4. S

    what happened to twidium?

    Sorry if this is boring old news but I went to look at twidium again after having had a lot of success with it previously. Only the whole site is all shut down - has it been hacked and back soon, or just taken out for some reason - I got some good results with that software.
  5. codeman1234

    Client site got cloned

    Hello, I have a client that I am doing SEO for him and while doing it I notice that somebody clone his site completely, I mean his site was copied 100% so, what I can do to tell this person to remove the clone site since site is copyrighted and also how I can tell google so it does not affect...
  6. arnosv

    3 of my sites got hacked - what to do now?

    3 of my sites (wordpress sites), on the same host, got hacked this week. My host explained to me that there's malware on my sites and therefore they needed to put on offline. To resolve this problem I need to manually check each file for malware (they told me that). This is a real pain in the...
  7. pulkitseo


    Today I tried opening my site www.techhindu.com I found it to be hacked ...Can anyone tell what will he get by hacking my site which has nothing in it ? Its funny
  8. A

    I need some help I was hacked!

    I have an adult site that was hacked and caused my account to be suspended yesterday he got in and changed my index.php page to the following: <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/png"...
  9. K

    My wordpress sites got hacked - what next?

    Hello guys I sort of freaked out this morning when I saw my websites had been hacked! I luckily only had to change the index.php file to "restore" the home page. Do anyone have an idea how it is possible for hackers to do that, from what I understand that had to be able to log into my cpanel or...
  10. M

    Hacked site

    Hi guys, just discovered a clients Wordpress site has been hacked I've managed to get access again to the dashboard and all the files and theme is still there thou when i go to the site url all i get is a blank page with hacked by hacker on it :( any of you guys shed some light on where to look...
  11. B

    Websites Hacked

    Hi guys, Any help for a poor unfortunate who's just had 5/6 websites hacked. They were all running WordPress blogs and whilst I'm quite competent enough to build a WP site I'm really out of my depth now and don't know what to do. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  12. J

    JCPenney Site Hacked?

    When performing a search yesterday, I ran across a listing for the major retailer JCPenney. Or at least it appeared to be JCPenney. When I clicked the Google result, I was redirected to a porn site. I couldn't remember what I was searching for when I pulled up that result. So this morning...
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