1. C

    What details is Paypal sending to seller about me ( the buyer)?

    Hi guys. So I'm planning to pay for a few ads ( with diferent acounts) on websites like Depop/Vinted/Shpock ( not sure which ones of this companies accept Paypal yet). If I create let's say 2-3 different accounts on each one of them and pay for the ads from the same paypal account will that...
  2. K

    [WTB] Gumtree ad posting

    Hi all, I wonder whether there are any service on BHW or freelancers who can post ads on Gumtree in job section? I want to buy such service, I need at least 10 ads per day in Australia region.
  3. X

    [job] need someone to post on gumtree for me

    Been trying to post ads on GT but been constantly hitting walls and having to make new accs it taking too much time for me. I need someone who can do this for me. I will; - provide the content and other details -Thats it! PM me with your skype ID or whatever you prefer to contact me with. Have a...
  4. Z

    Looking for a custom Gumtree/Locanto poster bot

    Looking for someone that's able to create a custom bot for Gumtree and Locanto. It should have the ability to: 1) Post in whichever category i choose 2) Schedule the post at certain times of the day 3) Edit the posts automatically according to a certain schedule that I provide 4) Able to...
  5. R

    My Gumtree Account Is Blocked, How To Create a New Account?

    I had a Gumtree account that I was using to post 11 ads per day for my website design business, the ads were written differently and used different images and targeting different cities. This was working great for 3 weeks until Gumtree caught on and deleted my ads and can no longer log into the...
  6. Z

    Looking for gumtree bot.

    Looking for someone that has or can create a gumtree bot. The bot would be able to post multiple listings using multiple emails and proxies of course. Do let me know thanks.
  7. N

    GUMTREE australia - multiple service ads

    A mate has a diversified service business. He had a few ads on Gumtree (Australia) each advertising a specific niche (but also listing all his other services at the end of the ad) and they all worked well for him. Recently his account was stopped on the grounds he had "multiple ads...
  8. S

    Need A Gumtree Bot

    Hi I need a Gumtree Uk Auto Posting Bot made. If you can do this, please reply I dont have enough post to reply to Pm, Please add me on skype Cheers
  9. 1

    Gumtree poster

    I need gumtree poster for daily bases. I need it to get posted in UK gumtree, all major cities, same category Please answer bellow in thread or send me PM Thanks
  10. 1

    Question - Gumtree posting service

    Hey guys, I have been looking where to post this thread but couldn't find a better section than this, because I just want your opinion. Recently I have been looking at gumtree as a traffic service. There is always people sitting waiting for ads. I was looking for software to do so, but...
  11. H

    Gumtree phone numbers

    Hi, I just wrote a gumtree phone scraper for a friend, and it works suprisingly well - (alberit a bit slow) Is there any demand for a scraper such as this ?
  12. M

    How To - Start making money on eBay with £0 investment - Gadget Flipping!

  13. M

    How To - Phone Verify Unlimited Adverts on Gumtree

    Hi, this is the first post on my new account as I couldn't get access to my old one so I decided to share something useful. If you are a Gumtree poster or you plan to post an item in multiple locations than you will not only need multiple email addresses and different i.p addresses but you will...
  14. O

    Gumtree EXPERT Advice

    How many ads does one have to post with a newly created gumtree account so that the account gains trusted status - I am posting from Gumtree south Africa or and the basically when you post from a new account the adverts are delayed by up to 24 hours. I have read this is the same as...
  15. O

    Bypass Gumtree admin review & make adverts go live instantly

    Does anyone know how, with a newly created gumtree account, one is able to bypass admin review thus making adverts go live instantly?
  16. A

    I used to make $1,200 wk on gumtree au! Any changes on that site? New Proxies not working!

    Hi Everyone ... Hope you're all well ... Just joined today, Virgin here, but long time marketer (online & offline) I used to advertise my products in newspapers from 1996 till 2004 when newspaper readership turned into a paper turd that it was going to become eventually ... Still I used to...
  17. K

    Need a Gumtree Ad poster

  18. Gary Carlyle

    Gumtree - Any tips or tools please?

    Hi, I am marketing a MLM on Gumtree and its going quite well. But I was just wanting to pick your learned brains here and see whether anybody has any experience with Gumtree/Craig's list etc. And what are you favorite tips and tricks? Also if you have any tools or training material that would...
  19. Essence19

    I SOUND LIKE A BH'er / IM'er Now

    lol.I just set up an advert for something I am trying to sell on Gumtree. I decided to read the ADVERT Aloud to myself and at the end i was like holy $$$$.I sound like an internet marketer. I remember 6 months ago.I was so confused about how to word an advert.I was like if I say the wrong...
  20. J

    Funniest reply ever! must see

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