1. makgrovi


    Hi, I want to introduce myself to BHW community! I'm Mohnish Grover from India, have been into IM since 5 years now. Sold few things on Amazon in last few years and was able to rank my products as well, I'm an artist I have a recording studio and I can play guitar, piano and drums. Right now I'm...
  2. Finn

    [Solo Fucking Amazing] How to REALLY Play Guitar Hero !?

    Well, if you can´t wait guys just play it from 1:45.
  3. I

    Can anyone review my blog? Need advice!

    Hey blackhatworld! I recently made a blogger to see if I could get traffic. It's doing okay, as I've got a little over 100 hits as of today. I know this really isn't much, but I was super excited. I'm not using wordpress currently, and can't afford my own domain, yet. Can anyone give me tips as...
  4. M

    Advertising Clickbank products in guitar tabs on Ultimate-Guitar

    Hey Guys, I'm new to Black Hat World but have been scouring black hat forums for a little while :D. I was on Ultimate-Guitar the other day looking up a guitar tab (as i'm also a guitarist), and I was looking at their traffic and for one semi-popular tab it had over 200k views over a period of...
  5. A

    Submit your blog

    I am new here Can you submit your blogs here so that we can easily exchange links mine is I post songs of fresh singers learn guitar musicjaan(my blog name)
  6. blackma

    So How Does it Take to get good on the guitar?

    I want to be able to play some songs on a guitar (acoustic). Maybe 20 or so party songs. So how long would it take to learn all the chords and notes and whatever? I am a beginner and starting completely from scratch.
  7. Nakota757

    Does anyone know of any good wholesale suppliers of guitars?

    I don't really care what the name's on them are, they could cost 6 dollars and have the name "Cunt Pickle" printed on the headstock for all I care. I just plan on marking them up a bit and selling them locally on craigslist. I would be interested in seeing suppliers of big names too, such as...
  8. M

    Youtube Channel

    Hey go check out my youtube channel! :) Please subscribe, rate, and comment, thank you :) i am an up and coming guitarist, I will be uploading more videos all the time, so keep going back to check, I am only 16, been playing since july 2007, please no hate mail, constructive feedback please :)...
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