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  1. Brufen

    Let's Exchange Guest Posts in Sports Betting/Online Casino Niche

    Hello everyone! I'm reaching out to all the website owners in the sports betting/online casino niche who are interested in exchanging guest posts. We have a niche relevant sports betting affiliate website with a DA of 24 and over 1000+ organic audiences. We are looking for similar or higher...
  2. Londieyne

    ❤️❤️ Manual Outreach from ❤️❤️ . Prices from webmasters ✅✅✅ , one year warranty ✅✅✅ , all niches ✅✅✅

    Here you can find examples of the report we provide to our clients FAQ: Q: What would be the approximate cost of a 1st placement? A: It's difficult to answer. Our database has sites with a price range from $30 to $3,000. The commission for our work is always fixed at $30. For example if...
  3. Cryptology

    What is the easiest way to implement a guest posting system on Wordpress?

    Hey there! I'm currently running a blog and I just wrote a page about guest content. Basically: the guidelines, what is expected or not, the text tone, how many images, SEO tips, price for links, etc... This is my first time doing this. Now that I'm done with it, I'd like to know what is the...
  4. SEO Duke

    Getting Some Free Guest Posting Tips

    I found many people looking for free guest posts. So I am sharing a tips which I implemented few times. Try to pitch some sites which are not based on affiliate. example: You may outreach service sites in your niche. If your mail is well enough for convincing, you may get a site who accept...
  5. Ahmirof

    Is there any free Guest post websites to get IG Verification?

    Hi, IG verification needs some requirements to prove notability, one of them is at least 10-15 Press articles about you, I saw there are many people who offer press release in this and other websites, what I want to know is … Is there a free high authority press guest post website that works...
  6. Xtreme19

    Looking for Tech related blogs to write and publish a best website article for streaming sites

    Hi, I have a list of movie streaming sites for which i need an article on a tech blog with organic traffic. You will need to write a guest post explaining features of these websites and mention why they are the best out there. Thanks.
  7. nifras

    Allowing CBD Guest post will Spam my money site ?

    Hi everyone, i have a question. if i allow the CBD product guest post on my site will affect my site rank ?
  8. davidelzs

    Guest post on zero traffic website - Need Suggestions

    Dear Members, Can I publish guest post on a zero traffic niche website blog? But DA is 60+ and other SEO metrics are also good. They are asking $25. Is that worth the price? Or what is the recommended price? Please help.
  9. haseebrana

    Free guest post on my site

    Free guest post on my site. Any niche that can be get rid of something. Two 2 do follow link. See the articles on the site. Make your post of that much info not repetitive. Only post if you have an article.
  10. sajal mahmud

    Get High-Quality Guest Posting Backlink Service, Huge Traffic Website, Clean Backlink Profile, Real Website

    High-Quality Guest Posting Backlink Service- Value for Money Get 10% Discount Now Code: BHW10 Real Traffic Website Available High DR, DA Site No PBN, No Spammy Link Refund Policy: You have the right to cancel the order anytime within 3 days after the purchased order. For more information...
  11. A

    Where to Sell Guest Posts

    I now have 3 sites with relatively good metrics and I want to start selling topically similar guest posts. What the best way to go about doing this and what are the going rates? I see there are several marketplaces out there. Is there a main one? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. deeterseo

    Hiring a freelancer to get placements for our guest posts

    I run a social media marketing business that has created content relevant to our niche that we are looking to submit as guest posts on various sites. The content is not promotional in nature and is largely guides on how to market businesses on different platforms, for which there are limited...
  13. hims.000

    [Giveaway] Free Guest Post Service For All Members for Limited Time

    [Giveaway] Free Guest Post Service For All Members for Limited Time hello everyone, I am giving the opportunity to free guest posting on one of my website which Domain Rating 17 according to moz . (Traffic 26000/Month) I accept any kind of guest posts related to blogging Webhosting...
  14. Petergk

    Guest Post Question

    I have a travel blog that gets around 10k-20k pageviews per month. I started it in August 2019 and the best month was during summer since the country I blog about gets 80% of the tourists between May and September. However, I believe that these are pretty good numbers especially with covid in...
  15. X

    Services / Platforms / Reachout software for Buying & Selling Guest Posts?

    We have a medicinal cannabis niche content website and are looking to both sell/exchange posts on our blog as well as purchase niche relevant posts from others. We have noticed a large amount of people reaching out to us with the same format to their articles, leading me to believe that they...
  16. Vinyas Gowda

    Big confused question while guest posting!!!

    Hi guys! I'm trying to rank a blog post keyword as well as a product keyword in a single guest post. My question is should I take the topics/titles which I have already published on my official blog or can I go little off topic (but related) when writing guest posts and target the keywords of...
  17. MiLe31

    [FREE SEO OPPORTUNITY] Ahrefs 13 DA Website Offering Free-Guest Blog Opportunities

    Howdy, My website is ranked by Ahrefs at 13 DA. It is in the "teaching English as a foreign language" space. If you write content for traveling tips, education (esp. ESL), or anything germane to my reader's vision, just follow this link and submit a request***. ***Please don't waste time...
  18. L

    Looking for Guest Posting Sites

    I am finding a list of Guest Posting Sites and prices for the sites. Where I will be able to post a guest post. I am interested in all niches. Thanks in advance
  19. A

    Need do -follow links in guest posts

    I need do-follow links in the guest posts. Nice: tech, video, vlogging, software, apps. Requirements: DA+10; Traffic 3K+. I can pay between $10-$200 per blog post depending on DA and Traffic. Please send me your price for the guest post and blog details. I need at least 20 posts for now.
  20. H