1. R

    Any Idea about saving 18% GST on FB Ad Spent?

    I'm running an E-commerce company and my products are exempted from GST so technically I'm paying 18% to FB and I can't charge it from my customers as my product is Exempt from GST Any Solution Guys?
  2. Impressor

    Non-US resident needs tax advice for proposed US LLC

    Hi there. I would like to know tax implications between setting up a company in India and the US (preferably in the states of Delaware, Nevada, or Wyoming). I aspire to deal in IT services (Web/App Dev, SaaS products, etc) and my operations will be from India, at least currently. Most of my...
  3. C

    Need website designer, graphics designer and social media marketer

    Hi All, Hope you are all doing good.. First of all i want to wish you all a very happy new year and may god bring tons of cash, health and joy to you and your family. I am looking for website designer, graphics designer and social media marketer. Who can work on multiple orders on very cheap...
  4. praveen545445

    Gst help

    Is it possible to not take gst from customer on small item if i am selling on amazon because there is no margin in profit if i take gst on small item also because there is alot shipping charge + commision + misc expense so what can i do ?
  5. S

    Indian Peers - Need help regarding FIRC stuff

    I'll be selling physical goods outside India ( NO Gst ). Someone told I need to procure shipping bill and customs bill for every product sold and get an FIRC from the local bank. How does this entire process work? For every item sold I should get an FIRC or monthly ? and what do I tell them...
  6. S

    India - Dropshipping - GST/Taxes. Anyone to elaborate on this?

    So I'll be starting a dropshiiping website and orders will be fulfilled by chinese forwarder. Will be bulk buying products and sending straight to forwarder warehouse and strictly not selling to Indian buyers. How does the GST tax system work in the current scenario ?
  7. Maverick1111

    Need GST for selling on ebay in India

    Hi, Why we need GST number for selling on as an individual, and if needed why procedure is not simple ?
  8. praveen545445


    Ok i had started my business recently in amazon i have big major issue do i need to file gst return or not because some people says i need to file & some are saying if you have below 20 lakh turnover then you don't need to file gst i am so much confused & i had sold only two items till now & i...
  9. H

    Need help GST

    I am selling the services outside of India. My customers are outside of India and taking the payment from them via paypal. GST will apply on me or not. I have ask the CA but not get the exact answer.
  10. JB2302

    Need tips on filling Tax as a freelancer in INDIA

    do I need to have GST? can I cchoose55ADA to use presume income while filling my tax if do not have GST ? how do you save tax ?my favorite ways are > to 150K in PPF > house rent up to 60K what other deduction can be opted easily?
  11. K

    Is gst number required for setting up inapp purchase in android app?

    Hey , i' from india , i have hired a freelancer to develop an app for me , i want to know that is gst number required for the inapp purchase ? and if yes , how can i get gst number , and how much willl it coast me ?
  12. ubsmax

    Paypal And Indian Govt. Will Take 18% GST- Sucks Indian Freelancers

    Just a few minutes ago I received e-mail from PayPal as below: This is really sucks, as a freelancer from India we all not do any business in India, and helping our country to get more revenue indirectly. Indian govt. knows this very well and should think about this. Previously RBI set the...
  13. JB2302

    [India]GST regestration compulsorily for amazon affilate

    I See a banner on my amazon affilate home page that leads to the link and with the exact in bold "Please note that you need to obtain GST registration compulsorily, irrespective of whether you are an individual affiliate...
  14. bullsbears

    Paypal India to charge 18% GST....It's all over for Indians...

    Effective 2 Oct 2017 be ready to pay Paypal India 18% GST . Effective date: 2 October 2017 for Users who contract with PayPal Payments Private Limited PayPal is a global leader in digital payments available across 200 markets. Innovation is a core value for PayPal which helps us create...