gsa software

  1. ss1180

    GSA Verified List

    I am looking for a Verified Links List for GSA. If any have then please provide me #free.
  2. rocks11111

    Is GSA one time payment software of a monthly payment .

    I bought GSA and paid for on 6th January on 6th feb they triedd to charge again I thought it a duplicate so cancelled it . Now I am unable to use software asking for activation when contacted GSA they said you cancelled the product and termed it as fraud . I tried looking on their website its...
  3. Digital_Hub

    GSA still work?

    Hello, I want to know GSA google ranker still work for website?And there have any change to penalize my site by google if i use GSA?Any one can give me correct info please? Thank you.
  4. K

    Your GSA Broken?? Links Wont Even Appear in Log!

    hey guys, weirdest thing ever.... im running a campaign now and no urls show up in the verified column at all. The log says successful submissions and everything but even that number wont change! The submitted and verified counter wont even change Check it out
  5. K

    How To Keep Track Of Total Scraped List For Gsa!

    I'm sure this question is not real relevant to GSA but maybe someone can help!.. (Important) Is there a way you can only import new urls in GSA when you scrape? For Instance.... so if you have 100 urls that i scraped and uploaded to gsa last week. I want to scrape again this week and only...
  6. K

    How I use GSA Effectively (After Penguin, Before Penguin) & make over $100k a year

    I've had GSA for almost as long as it's been out, it is a great piece of software and has earned me well over $100k in little over 1 year. Back when it was new I was using it to rank highly and make bank in the payday loans sector in the UK (see attached) as well as a few other niches. Then...
  7. E

    Can I use html code with gsa search engine ranker?

    Anyone using gsa? Im not getting traffic to my website so I recently installed "GSA Search Engine Ranker" to create BackLinks and also publish my articles I configured the application and added the contents of one of my articles to the "Article block" ... My query is: Can I add html code in...
  8. S

    What am I doing wrong? GSA SER Question (Pics included)

    I spent all weekend watching tutorials and finally got started on a GSA campaign today for Tier 2 site. I wanted to start off simple so my main focus was blog comments today. I'm still trying to grasp the concept of GSA. Anyway my problem is when I visit alot of these links my comment or link...
  9. frederickpc

    had to reainstall GSA SER

    I had to Reinstall GSA SER on a new cloud server i copied the whole drive and im not sure what files are located where and where i need to paste each folder/ windows server 2008 R2.. please help.. i had alot of info saved and months of data in all those files i wish they were located in 1...
  10. LX911

    [HELP] GSA Search Engine Ranker - Category Creator

    Hello Friends, how do I create categories in the Category Creator? What are the *masks* used for?
  11. moneyfreedom

    [GET] 420 Bookmarking Sites list - Captcha Sniper Ready

    Here is my private list of 420 Bookmarking sites I use in conjunction with captcha sniper to avoid any captcha costs. This site can be used with bookmarking demon, SB Bomber or GSA Search Engine Ranker. Enjoy!
  12. moneyfreedom

    [GET] 2900+ Verified Clipbucket Sites to use with GSA Search Engine Ranker

    Here is my gift back to the community. over 2900+ Clipbucket sites. Each of the sites in this list has been posted to and verified with GSA search engine Ranker, which then put them into this raw .txt. Also, All of the sites have captcha's solvable with captcha sniper. Enjoy...
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