1. ethan tole

    Groupon reviews needed

    Hi. I'm looking for someone who does groupon reviews. Need around 3-5 reviews per day Please only experience people Thanks
  2. Gial

    I can't really find this tool

    Hello guys i would like to know if is possible to scrape all emails of business from a groupon search For example,i search "dentist in Florida" I would like the email of all the dentists clinic that are currently using GROUPON and that came up I need a software that can do that or maybe a...
  3. J

    I am looking for deals poster or forum poster.

    Hi, I am seller on Amazon and AliExpress, and I am looking for professional deals poster with aged deal site account to post our deals on following dealsites, long term partner needed: US: Slickdeals Retailmenot Dealsplus Reddit Deals2buy Groupon Russia: Mysku UK: Latestdeals...
  4. mattfinely

    Anyone a Groupon Affiliate

    I've had a few issues with them not disclosing commsion rate (a popular item turned out to be 0%) Have you had problems with them? Anyway to get in contact with a manager, I see no info in the portal.
  5. L

    UK DE USA IT FR deals web posters needed

    hii, anyone could post on UK DE USA IT FR deals websites. $10-$500 per post if interested, PM me. Gmail is yinliu160 and skypy 570955598 at QQ dote come.
  6. summy

    Looking For Posters on Deal Websites.

    Looking for some aged deals posters who can post on US & IT & DE & UK deals website. $10-$200 for one post Make it for the "popular deals" or "Front page deals" or “hot deals”, we will pay more. Add my skypy: Summy Chanit
  7. D

    Better Rankings on Living Social & Groupon?

    I am working for a client who has a deal running on Living Social. Anyone have any experience trying to rank these deal better within their system? As they aren't able to track sales in real-time for this deal (it redirects to an outside shopping chart hosted by the client who pay commission...
  8. J

    Groupon, a viable option for small businesses?

    Groupong recently launched Groupong Pages allowing businesses to claim their listings. I heard it is free and you don't need to actually make any deals. Can someone confirm that? Also if someone have gone through the process of claiming a Groupon page, can you describe it step by step? Thanks...
  9. I

    * * * looking for groupon / livingsocial notifier * * *

    hello all, does anyone know of a good "deal aggregator" that would only notify you of the deals you want? Im a dude and dont care about salons & pedicures... but I do need a piece of art framed.... You get where I'm going with this? It would be really nice to get an email when a deal pings a...
  10. M

    Google Offers and coupon sites ?

    Hello fellow BHW , i assume that many of you have coupon sites since it's a widespread thing these days , well , i guess many of you heard about Google wanting to buy Groupon for 6 billions or something and groupon declined , so G decided to enter the couponing world armed with the whole evil G...
  11. S

    Looking for affiliates to market Groupon like service...Easy sell because it's FREE!

    Groupon-like company that offers daily deal vouchers. Company just recently launched. Nationwide deals will soon be offered. Lucrative ongoing commissions to the affiliates for the life of the customer...NOT a onetime commission like others. PM me for links.
  12. P

    Assistance needed for new business

    I have recently launched a daily dealy type site in ireland (A number of deals every day) anyway im doing all the adwords stuff etc but the cost is mounting up. Im looking for assistance, ideas etc for aquiring emails, databases for this country. I will pay good money for any assistance, pm me...
  13. R

    Best ways to promote unique website, any advice?

    Thank you for taking the time to look at my post :), any advice is much appreciated. I have spent the last 4 months developing a unique affiliate revenue model website promoting group buying providers in the UK. AKA a deal aggregator website. The website (if you search lovecitydeals in...
  14. K

    Looking for affiliates for GROUPON type website its DailyDealsetc

    Looking for best ways to find affiliates that want to own a Daily Deal Website for their city. Like Groupon, Each city is exclusive and ready to go. A turnkey business opportunity. Its Daily Deals Etc , does anyone know the best way to promote this to great marketers? I also have state wide and...
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