1. GsenseInsider


    Hi everyone! These accounts are issued directly by the company that generally spend faster, have more approvals, are checked less by compliance, and are issued higher quality placements. We have agency accounts for sale for people who need accounts on Taboola. These accounts can be used for...
  2. CreativeDaddy

    Greyhat Payment Question

    What's the best crypto wallet to receive greyhat payment in Bitcoin? I've a registed account on coinbase and binance but I need something where I can be able to receive bitcoin and then trade it to usd and withdraw. Doing some VA, as a side hustle for this guy and he pays in bitcoin. Regards...
  3. G

    Got my first earnings with IM. I didn't expect these results.

    I'll try to summarize everything, this is kinda a method/experience/journey thread. I registered in BHW 2 years ago and since then I couldn't find an effective method to earn money, I searched sporadically, sometimes I didn't even read everything, because I'm a very lazy person and I prefer to...
  4. Dictatorce

    How the hell did this YouTube channel gain 70 Million views in 2 weeks?

    Check this channel out, I'm looking at it and this channel is crazy, it started uploading 2 months ago and it already has 100 Million views. I'm thinking the channel was bought or something since it was made in 2017, but from the...
  5. MrClowder

    [Journey] Local SEO to #1 on Google for automotive niche

    Hey guys! I am on a journey to reach the number one spot (locally) on Google for a not-so-saturated niche. My Keyword Google adwords says that within the 20 mile radius of my location, there are ~4500 people searching for my keyword monthly. My Website I have a new website with an unlisted...
  6. Zombiesmasher

    Are you White Hat IRL? Or are you openly Black Hat?

    Here's an easy question: How do you define what is BlackHat and what is WhiteHat? We’ve all probably seen every variety of definitions or opinions, peppered with Guru buzzwords. “If you’re looking for loopholes in the Search Engines algorithm, you’re BlackHat.” “If you’re creating “good”...
  7. fmbaba01

    Good in BOT making? Lets JV with my Idea.

    As the Subject implies, if you are very good in Bot making, and you can do Black/gray hat Bots, then let us JV together. I have got an idea and also monetization in place. Interested person(s) should PM or Skype: fmbaba01
  8. ergoprime

    Using Web 2.0 As Microsites

    I want to make around 10 different Web 2.0 Sites that link to my money page. But I don't just want to use the simple grayhat approach to Web 2.0 linking where I link to other sites and one or two times to mine. I want to use each Web 2.0 site to link to 1 or 2 specific URLs of my money page...
  9. seosuccessor

    How essential is site speed to Google rankings?

    Was wondering how instrumental is site speed to Google rankings? Here are my stats: But my website loads quick, so would fixing this be worth it?
  10. dimfiel

    Avoiding SEO Penalties Through Link Laundering

    The following post is based on my own theories, logic and common sense. Your advice is highly appreciated :) Blog Network Risks Although blog networks are incredibly effective at ranking websites they do carry a bunch of risks and disadvantages. For example: Your links are posted next to less...
  11. planetsupernova

    Hide link

    Hey guys, how are ya' So, I have 4 or 5 webs with lots of traffic and high pagerank and so on. I created a new web a little time ago and I want to create some backlinks for this "new" web. I mean I want my 4 or 5 other webs to have links to my new web. How can I hide this backlinks? (obviously...
  12. owaiswiz

    Take The Quiz To Determine whetheryou're Black,White or Great Hat SEO!!!

    Hey Guyz , Here's a quiz with some question which will tell you whether you're black,white or grey Hat SEO.Just thinking of sharing it: Take the Quiz Here: http : / / techih . com /take-quiz-know-blackwhite-grey-hat-seoer/ (i cant post links) Post your results in...
  13. Rushdie

    Anybody still using Xrumer? Need advice.

    Hey, i need some advice. I got my old xrumer license and im wondering if it's worth to pay the subscription price of $10/mo and set it up on my 60mbit quad-core server. I got a few authority sites and i don't want to do anything very risky or blackhat. Is there any easy method that i can set...
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