1. mainceaft

    Does scrapped websites still indexed !

    Hi all , I have this simple project that I put it aside for about year not which php script that scrape whole website and convert it contents to WP post . But I'm I'm bit curios about G reaction to this duplicated contents , since the contents won be text but mostly video and maybe picture , the...
  2. K

    I need a grabber/autoposter

    I am eager to switch to the porn nitch, I need a wp video grabber that can auto post videos to my sites. And from a porn site without thumbnail. I badly need these informations. Thanks if you can provide me with it.
  3. H

    Automated movie script/finding links

    I know a lot of people have been posting over the years on how to do this. And it remains a mystery to a lot of people, but its not as far out and there hard to accomplish as you might imagine. I have been working recently on a fast multi-parallel link scraper from 10 sources at the moment...
  4. T

    Is there any working Skype mass marketing tool?

    I have been spending this whole weekend searching for a working skype marketing tool, and the only real software I can find is called "seek & send" which isnt really what Im looking for and it´s 3 years old. There is no guarantee that it will work with the new API and I cant find a download...
  5. M

    GSA Email Spider

    Hi guys Does anybody have a cracked relatively recent version of the GSA Email Spider or a valid serial?
  6. M

    Email Extractor / Grabber that really works with eBay

    Hi guys, Does anyone know an email extractor that is capable of collecting email address from eBay item descriptions? For example I want to provide the software with a starting link like where there is a list of 149,210 items that contains "" in description but...
  7. P

    Some advice needed

    Hello BHW. I was thinking about starting a porn website and i was wondering if someone could suggest a good porn grabber. I saw some suggestions here about trying out " wp-tube-plugin " and i would like to know what more people think about this script. I only want to start small, and work my way...
  8. M

    [Reque$t] Grab all 20 Video URLs from Youtube Page

    Anyone has a tool which would be able to grab all 20 Youtube videos from the search page and save them in a text doc then move to the second page and do the same thing for the next 20-25 pages?
  9. J

    OLX classified Posts scrapper/grabber and poster script.

    I am looking to start a website which can get content from OLX classified sites with images and all details. It should be a standalone script or a WordPress plugin. and please reply here or add me on skype as jitu_mania as i dont have pm rights here.
  10. P

    How to get all urls from a site?

    hi, i need to get all the urls from a site ( just the urls list ) that are indexed in google or eventually by "scaning" that site all following internal links but i am new to terms like grabing, harvesting or fetching. the site uses what i thing is called pretty urls so no .php?... is shown...
  11. C

    Get Fresh Proxy Grabber v1

    Get this simple tools to grab all fresh proxies in 1 click only. Download: hxxp : // filesonic .c0m /file/frWWnYh/proxygrabber.exeDont forget to remove space on url and xx = tt 0 = o Virus Scan: hxxp : // virusscan . jotti . 0rg /en-gb/scanresult/829d3c6f94ef108d2cbdd66fc3eb7f829c2041d0Enjoys :)
  12. Inception_AC

    [GET] Facebook Email Grabber

    FaceBook email grabber will scrape email addresses from targeted fan pages or groups. You then export the emails as a .csv file that you can import to your favorite auto responder for follow up emails for affiliate sales. etc..aWeber, iContact or Get Response. See video demo here...
  13. H

    Designing a Gmail emails grabber 1.0

    Hello BHW members, I am coding a script that can grab all emails (read + unread or read or unread) from gmail. Since gmail is most commonly used in CL, that why my script can be very useful. Can u suggest me some ideas which I must have in my script. Thanks :)
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