Designing a Gmail emails grabber 1.0

Jan 20, 2009
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Hello BHW members,

I am coding a script that can grab all emails (read + unread or read or unread) from gmail. Since gmail is most commonly used in CL, that why my script can be very useful.

Can u suggest me some ideas which I must have in my script.

Thanks :)
Umm lets see
-Folders to extract from? Spam and inbox
- Parsing text in subject before extracting like extract only emails where subject has "craigslist" in it OR not in it
- Auto parse to run it every x minutes
few that might help
Personally I dont need it mate, Honestly speaking I dont think its wise to spend time coding this considering gmail has pop and tons of apps scripts exist to get emails from outlook

I would suggest you try a mail provider that does not offer pop / imap access like Yahoo
Well, I have already mate the basic structure. Also I have used scraping so I can get any email from any provider. I don't bother whether it offers pop support or not :)
Doesnt hexalor sell an app like this already? It grabs the emails + subject line as well from gmail accounts.
Well mine is not application actually, its is a php script that will exploit the connection speed for server :)
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