Email Extractor / Grabber that really works with eBay


Sep 20, 2016
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Hi guys,

Does anyone know an email extractor that is capable of collecting email address from eBay item descriptions? For example I want to provide the software with a starting link like where there is a list of 149,210 items that contains "" in description but most of the software i've found on Google are not collecting more then 300 emails from this link.

I've tried GSA Email Spider, Cute Web Email Extractor, Atomic Web Spider and many more with the same result 200-300 email collected after 10-15k urls analysed.
You'll definitely need a custom scraper for that particular task.
custom script is only way
upwork is who i always use, expect to pay $50 for this
I think I found one solution. Does anybody have a cracked relatively recent version of the GSA Email Spider or a valid serial?
Also looking for a good email spider. Looking forward for any input on this.
I`m also looking for something like this. Email grabbers are a tricky thing if used on eBay. Did not find a really good one yet.
if somebody post a cracked version of the GSA Email Spider I will explain you all the workaround I have founded
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