1. SirLouen

    Best method/app to fake GPS position Android?

    Anyone can give me some idea for the best app or method to fake GPS position they know on Android phones?
  2. awakened

    Waze Billboard Ads

    You guys see this shiz about Waze doing billboard ads now? I looked around and didn't see anything posted about it here. Basically, it's like buying a billboard ad on the side of the street, except it's digital, on waze (gps navigator), so when someone is navigating on the hwy past your...
  3. dayv

    Micro GPS Chips

    Good day BHW. First it's about my problem yesterday. I lost my wallet (or have been stolen). So what I gonna do next time is to get my wallet a gps tracker. Or maybe not just wallet but my important things. So did you have idea on an affordable gps tracker? What I found on the Internet is a gps...
  4. L

    How to correctly market this Pokemon site?

    So I recently created this pokemon site where a user is led to a download page. How would I best market this for pageviews? SEO? Churn and Burn? I think the best way, would be to have it rank high on google. Not sure if it would be possible though. Thanks
  5. mysteriousmarissa

    Why doesn't the SEO guy have the business addresses GPS Google friendly?

    The SEO guy does not have the biz sites addresses directly on the google maps. He says if he changes it the ranking will be in trouble. He gets the sites on the first page of google. But, I believe this will kill businesses soon if they are not mobile friendly and GPS friendly. The SEO guy says...
  6. Noah Hawryshko

    Does Black Hat World Strip EXIF Data on Uploaded Images?

    Does anybody know if Black Hat World incorporates any system like the aforementioned?
  7. A

    GPS accessories, units, maps, garmin ect.

    Hey guys, new here to BHW. Just checking around and found this section and thought i'd mention I have access to gps/maritime (mainly garmin/lowrance/humminbird/raymarine/flir) units and accessories as well as the cartography (maps) and more. All units and accessories are 100% authentic and...
  8. C

    Gps pocket locator (supplier needed)

    I would like to start a new business putting gps locator in luggage worldwide. I would like to know if someone sell those receiver + software to track their actual locations...must be discret and accurate pm me
  9. L

    (JV)GPS Car Navigation System cooperation

    Hello I have cheap and good quality GPS Car navigation systems and I can handle part of the promotion as well. I'm also thinking about the electronic cigarates and other stuffs(like DVD, toys, mini-laptop etc.) that will sell hot? PM me if u are familar with the GPS market or u have channel to...
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