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  2. Bloodseeker

    Find me a government expired domain

    I want to register an expired domain that was used on an official government site in the past. You can use any tool or technique for that. Once found, share domain stats with me. If I like the stats, I will pay you your fee, and then you have to share the domain name with me so that I can...
  3. someguy

    Hi BHW - I have a question regarding my .EDU and .GOV backlink sources

    Hi BHW I have been a long time lurker and now I write my introduction. I work in the search marketing industry since 15 years, SEA and SEO being my primary marketing channels. Right now, I / we do large-scale inhouse SEA and SEO for a big company, everything strictly whitehat, of coure. Besides...
  4. Erman

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  5. sestikumar

    What is the importance of .gov and .edu links?

    Heeeyyyyaahhhh!! Sometimes I see members are looking for these particular links. But the hype goes up and later down. What are the benefits we can expect by shooting threads at gov and edu links? Is it considered as black hat seo? Will they bring our sites any red flags?
  6. R

    Buying gov domains

    Hey guys I would be greatful if you could point me to the right direction for buying gov domains I've found a few domains but i have no idea on how to purchase them Thank you
  7. Shropdog

    Quality edu links for edu sites

    I have been hearing a lot about .edu links not being very safe lately. Is this true? Also, I have a site in the education niche so would it still be ok to build .edu links to that site? It makes sense to . Actually, what about. Gov links also these days are they unsafe too full stop or...
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  9. setmywed

    Edu and Gov sites with high Pa and Da

    If anybody has Edu n Gov site please share with me I have an urgent....., Thanks in Advance
  10. AngoraSpace

    Edu Gov Profile And Blog Post

    Dear All I searched content about edu backlink and I got some edu list to create profile backlink. But many of them only allow to create profile and comment only, not for article post. Where can I find the list of edu and gov that allow to create profile and article post? Regards
  11. milespassionfingers

    Pushing down a .gov link

    I have a client who had a winding up application (insolvency) filed against them recently. It's currently sitting in position 2, underneath their domain when you search the business name. They want it pushed back to page 2 but I'm a little stuck as to how to go about it as it's a .gov link and...
  12. Rank Cartel

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  13. gregz06

    How to find .gov/edu links

    Hey folks! As I’ve promised in some thread a couple of days ago, I’m going to show how I find decent .edu/.gov websites to get a backlink from. Well, I’ve heard lots of opinions on the value of backlinks from edu/gov sites, some say Google finds them more valuable (though Google had officially...
  14. CretON

    I'm looking for free gov / edu domains

    Hello gentlemen :) I would like to ask if there is anyone able to submit some domain gov / edu to make a profile and leave your link? :)
  15. djsobuj

    Is Edu and Gov Redirect/Profile Backlinks good for new site?

    Is Edu and Gov Redirect/Profile Backlinks good for new site? What will be the keywords for EDU/GOV Profile Backlinks?
  16. H

    Looking for .edu/.gov backlink creator

    Hi, I am looking for anyone who can post to .edu/.gov websites. Requirements - 1) The links must be contextual 2) No profile links 3) The links must stick (shouldn't get deleted later) Open to mediawiki .edu/.gov websites too.
  17. mysitetool

    Looking for high CF/TF 20+ backlinks

    Hi. I'm looking for high CF/TF backlinks 20+. Better if they are will be permanent and ip's are US based. TLD .com, .edu, .gov No profiles and comments backlinks
  18. cycoshas

    looking to get Gov/EDU custom Engines

    I am learning GSA, one of my colleague told me regarding custom engines I can build Gov & Edu backlink as a 1st tier links for my main site by simply adding these custom engine Can anyone enlighten this Custom engine
  19. J

    Ranking Keywords with SERP containing .gov sites

    Hi SEOs I would like to rank for a couple of keywords, but the keywords have returned results where the top 5 sites are .gov While they are not SEO optimized, (No H Tags, no links, low PA, but aged) is a new website able to outrank them? Thanks in advance!!
  20. S

    Anyone have List of live .edu or .gov sites

    I really want to have live list of edu/gov sites as seniors provided the lists are not working in my end. Thanks :)