google trends

  1. Demoxing

    How to generate thousands of google keyword searches?

    Hello peeps, Is there any way to generate google keyword searches? For example, I have a mobile app called "sudo mudo," and I want thousands of "Sudo mudo" search queries from different locations to appear on google trends. I have an idea. Please tell me if it will work or not! First, I...
  2. Xyox

    List of all Google Trends categories

    Not sure if it has been posted before, here's a hierarchical list of all Google Trends categories/sub-categories taken directly from their website. I think when you're looking for a niche idea it's useful to skim through the list, you may find an interesting idea you didn't think of.
  3. jiya raichand

    Free tools to check trends of particular product for particular location wise

    Hi there, Can you suggest me to check the trends of particular product apart from Google Trends ? Thanks
  4. R

    Keyword Trending

    is there an alternative apart from google trends which can find trending keywords ? whether it's a way or a method
  5. Purush

    [Guide] How to use Google Trends search to find out the easy long tail keywords to rank.

    Hello Friends, Hope all of you enjoy this Guide to find out the low competition long tail keywords from Google trends. 1. Goto Google Trends by 2. click ‘explore’ in the three bar Menu 3 . Now enter search terms one by one for your list. You can add maximum 5 but you can...
  6. Rollfic

    Google trends is down?

    Getting this Cleared cookies, tried incognito, other browser. I am getting that error from the last couple of weeks and it just happens and goes away lol. Anyone faced similar issue?
  7. seocrab

    How to view historical keyword trends right on the SERP

    Here's another free tool you can use while doing your keyword research on the SERP (works with my free SERP keyword research method). Keywords Everywhere (free version) shows you historical keyword trends for everything you search. Premium users will also see keyword volume estimates, but...
  8. EternalFun

    How to catch trends right at this point?

    How to catch the trend here at this point - Screenshot: ?
  9. Jeepy

    I see this as an opportunity :)

    DIY and other guides now will be on top, so do your research and rank for these types of keywords as the search increase is amazing :)
  10. W

    [Help] Want to insert post title inside Google Trends embed code

    To embed Google trends, all you need is the embed code and the keyword for which you want to display the Google trend result. I have a large site and I want to show Google trends at the bottom of every post. The keyword will be the post title itself. I tried making short codes for both Google...
  11. xpesos

    How to Find low competition Topics

    No one should ever fail at finding good topics/niche after reading this. This is not some secret method, this might have been shared earlier, but I have not seen it nor I sharing this method from some guide, I just developed this technique over the time. But it is not some rocket science, a...
  12. F

    Any way to bulk check google trends?

    I'd like to download lists of google trends scores. The tool only let 5 at a time. Is there any way to do it for hundes in a batch? Thanks.
  13. Neocortx

    ▶️◀️ ✅Profit from Tomorrow's Keyword Trends before anyone else can✅

    Hello everyone, We’re happy to offer you access to the only keyword database with trend predictions for short and long-term search volume growth. Our database currently holds several million keywords, and our crawler is constantly searching and updating to provide you with the newest $$$...
  14. Mark Eternally

    Google Trends API

    Hello Black Hat World. Can you recommend a solid Google Trends API for use on a linux server which predominantly runs various python and PHP scripts? Here is the idea: use the API to determine popular queries, scrape accordingly, build content accordingly, hopefully ride the waves.
  15. PandaBusters

    Making the scraped block-proof...

    Does Google Trends/Facebook, etc., see viewers coming in as "robots" and not humans and block you because of your browser? Scrapebox, WP Scraper, etc., use improvised browsers with what I know now, and GT/FB are probably 1. Blocking code it sees in your browser 2. You time-out because the pages...
  16. PandaBusters

    I need to scrape Google Trends, need scrape/security expert...

    I use WP Scraper, and I will soon use Scrapebox. I got the following message from the WP Scraper owner: Hey Jim, I tried every way I could think of.... but I could not scrape google trends. I was able to scrape pandabusters. All I had to do was check load javascripts option on the top right...
  17. PandaBusters

    Is there a way to scrape Google Trends?

    I use WP Scraper, and I will soon use Scrapebox. I got the following message from the WP Scraper owner: Hey Jim, I tried every way I could think of.... but I could not scrape google trends. I was able to scrape pandabusters. All I had to do was check load javascripts option on the top right...
  18. Neocortx

    Are you using Google Trends?

    Hello fellow BHW community, I'm trying to learn more about the uses of Google Trends for all things marketing. Specifically, I wonder how you use Google Trends to find new emerging targets or what tools have in your reportoire which creatively use Google Trends Data for your marketing efforts...
  19. pei chen

    "Iphone 6 battery replacement" the word on the home page is difficult?

    Hello, I have a website is the theme of mobile phone battery, I would like to optimize the "iphone 6 battery replacement" the word, but I found the word on Google search volume is only 200 million, but it is in the Google trends score To reach 100 or so, I am now not sure the...
  20. K

    What is Google trend and How to use this?

    What is Google trend and How to use this? please some share own thought to understand about this..
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