google shopping

  1. imonboss

    [HAF] Fixed Job: Need Google Shopping Ad Expert!

    Here is what I need from You: 1. You will teach me how to rank my website in No 1 or 2 Position for every product in google shopping ad. 2. You will teach me in and out of the shopping campaigns for best ROI so that if a product loses its ranking, I can retain it. 3. And anything else that will...
  2. LILSF75


    Hey all ! Im selling luxury watches but im scared to be banned on google shopping ! I sell real legit products it's more like a "vitrine" but google might think its counterfeit. How do i prove them ? thanks very much
  3. hqin

    Best Product Ratings Partnership for Google Shopping?

    Hi, Fox I want to choose one product rating partnership for google shopping, ask some suppliers, but they're so expensive($300+ / month ), anyone suggestions? Thank you!
  4. LILSF75


    Hi guys Big subject today I need all your Forces. I've been using google ads for a long time and Merchant center too for a long time.(not a newbie, ive already made 300k en 1 year google ads) These times i get banned very easily with my dropshipping store, I'm asking you guys a detailed listings...
  5. See you vader

    Paying someone to do Facebook Ads for you ?

    I've seen so many dropshippers struggle with doing advertisement . Why not pay someone else to do it for you (fb ads and google ads)? Can you do it for cheap, how cheap ? Will they get you good results ? Experienced people, you are summoned.
  6. D

    Google shopping ads are now FREE!!!

    Google announced yesterday on their website that google product listings are gonna be free! So that means you'll get free traffic without ever spending a dime. Google said you don't even need an ad account to get your products listed. I think it's gonna work the same way in which websites get...
  7. See you vader

    Paying Ads with Transferwise ?

    I receive payments from my online store to my (personal) Transferwise account. Can I pay FB or Google ads with Transferwise ? Or transfer that money to Payoneer and use that to pay the ads ? Note : My account is personal and not business, I do not have the Transferwise card.
  8. uttam10

    How to make Shopify sales from Google shopping ads

    Hello Ladies & Gents, This is my first post on BHW. If you're struggling with Shopify or your E-com store then you need to read this very carefully. Google Product Listing ads (aka Google Shopping), is the absolute best way for Shopify beginners to start making sales and turn a profit...
  9. R

    How can I run Google Shopping ads for counterfeit goods?

    I have an eCommerce website selling replica products like shoe and jersey, t-shirt. I would like to run my products on google shopping, but every time I submit the feed, my account got suspended. There are other competitors, and their products still can run that shopping campaign. I know all...
  10. TheGamer

    Google Shopping Ads

    Hi I have been trying my luck with shopping ads but finding it difficult to get the products displayed consistently for the keywords we need them to be displayed. From what i read, adwords algo looks at the product title and its description and then decides which keywords to display it for...
  11. IrwinJ

    Crash Course on Google Shopping Ads?

    Hi all, My speciality has always been SEO. But I'm in an internal eCommerce role which means I have to be a bit of an all-rounder. As a result, I need to learn how to effectively use Google Ads. I already have fundamental knowledge, I can create search campaigns and merchant centre is fine. I...
  12. sexyaf

    TAX on google ads?

    I run a dropshipping business and doing google ads for a while now. I am doing good but the problem is in by account is set up in INDIA and so i am charged 18% gst on ad spent. Like if i spent $100 on google ads , my account is charged for $118. As you know dropshipping these days is much...
  13. N

    Products Not Shown in Shopping Search Resu

    In my Google Merchant Center's Products List (Destination: Shopping) Products Status are showing as Searchable. But, while I'm going to search with the products name, not any of the products are showing from my website in Google Shopping UK.. Please help how my products can be found in Google...
  14. S

    How to find keywords Google Shopping shows pictures at 1 site?

    Hi friends, i have a problem. I have to build a Campain for Google Shopping. (The pictures at the first page right) Is there a way to find out the keywords for which Google shows the pictures at the right? I find out f.e. "keyword" shows it. But also "brand1 keyword" and "brand2 keyword" So...
  15. goingreen

    Google Shopping Analytics ?

    I understand the Google keywood tool and Market Samurai are excellent tools for calculating SEO for standard Google web searches, but is there any data tools for just Google Shopping? Optimizing for Google Shopping would be ideal. Any ideas?
  16. C

    Data feeds for products

    I'm a noob so please forgive the questions but, how well do data feeds of products sent to google shopping bing shopping or any other shopping engine work to bring in traffic with good conversion . Also is there any software to automate the data feed on a daily basis or at all??