google seo

  1. shabushabu

    My site skyrocketed in Baidu search, but almost completely disappeared from google...

    My hentai site has blown up on Baidu search (China's version of google) and I have no idea why. I'm getting close to 50k pageviews a day and rising from Baidu. And only about 1-2k pageviews per day from Google. This all happened a couple days ago and Im at a lost of words... Anyone else been...
  2. a9Algorithm

    I want to rank a website in Google

    Hello! I have a website that i want to rank in google. SEO experts can dm me.
  3. uhq

    [METHOD] ⬤ 6 QUICK Tricks that will IMPROVE your SEO ranking right away ⬤

    Not getting the results you were hoping for in Google? With these quick and easy tricks you will get it in record time. Often when we talk about SEO, we tend to talk about deadlines that are too long in time to obtain results, and it is true. In organic SEO, that is to say, in SEO, the...
  4. D

    LOCAL SEO: Can my poor site compete with these Beasts --- HELP!

    Hello folks, I'm new to this forum. I'm a Real Estate Broker in Gurgaon - a city in India. I have little to no experience in SEO or website development. I've somehow made a very simple website that I now want to upgrade and make a full fledged property listing website for my locality...
  5. Fahedawan

    How I Ranked a Local SEO Website in Australia with just ON PAGE SEO

    There were 10+ keywords that the client want me to rank in Melbourne, Australia. I have checked Titles, Meta descriptions, and HTML tags with the help of Detailed SEO Extension and saw all are not optimized. Then I decided to do a website audit with the help of Screaming Frog, so I found that...
  6. Bedazzle

    How SEO is DONE!

    Finally figured out the Google SERP.
  7. razharov

    [METHOD] Adding videos to blog articles to boost SEO, without adding videos

    Hey everyone! The title says for itself. As you all might know, having a video in an article helps for SEO, but at the same time It slows down loading, and also if its not your video, you are generating views for someone for free. To avoid this, I created this schema verified code, that google...
  8. P

    Organic SERP Website site links Creating Method

    I want create my own Sitelinks for website in Search Engine ! how create like this i am getting this but links are different which i want how to do this
  9. ensky

    Do the EDU profile links help the DR or ranking?

    Edu profile links are working for SEO? For example,, Does it flow much "link juice" to my site? Maybe there are significantly fewer internal links targeted to "profile/93dayssup33/profile", so this link can only get significantly less link...
  10. G

    Impacting Google Related Searches

    This is a long shot.. I wonder if anyone knows a tool that is capable to emulate massive searches (without getting burn by captchas) in order to design the term highlighted at "Related searches" area?
  11. M

    Googles update how ranking pages multiple serps spots?

    google seo updates.... what is your recommendations / experiences with: -) get your blog content ranking into google posts? -) how ranking your website pages with media format; podcasts and videos -) how rank your social media content in google serps? -) how ranking in serps with Knowledge...
  12. T

    Website Posts indexing Problem

    Hey everyone! I'm concerned about my website, any post in there isn't indexed except the main website itself, i checked yahoo, bing and i found some of my posts but in google i applied so many times in google search console to get my posts indexed without any results, please if anyone know...
  13. P

    Looking For Google Ads Expert

    Hello everyone, I am looking for someone who can be able to help me with setting up ads for a small website of mine (launched 3 months ago). It is a subscription-based website (I P T V) just like Netflix, Disney + or any other platform where the customer chooses a package (let's say 3, 6 or...
  14. kurosaki4d

    Question about buying sites for backlinking

    Hello there BHW members :) I'm currently going through a slow backlinking acquisition campaign for my site. I noticed that another way to get backlinks is to buy new sites from "Auction sites", some of them in my same niche are very cheap and between 2-4 months old. Is it safe for me to buy...
  15. MK47x

    Hiring SEO expert to improve social crediability

    Hi all. Hiring someone to improve social creditability for my brand on Google e.g., optimising what pages show up when someone googles our brand name, and potentially also improving our ranking when searching generic terms related to our niche Telegram: xMK47
  16. Technomine

    In terms of traffic for Google SEO rankings, what according to you is better?

    Hey, I had a quick question. I was planning to publish a long form content. In terms of traffic for Google SEO rankings, what according to you is better? 1. Publishing one long form whitepaper as a blog? 2. Part of direct web-page content publishing? 3. Have smaller snippets as a blog? 4...
  17. virtualexperts

    Real Google SEO Experts Needed!

    Hello bhw members. I am looking for giant SEO expert who can rank my service website in google with our desired keywords. I dont need any backlink or other explanation i want result. If you are interested plz let me know the following details: 1. How much you will charge? 2. How long it will...
  18. pj777777

    Google anti trust action

    Fingers crossed guys...
  19. pipopi

    Trying to make my YouTube Video go Viral using the GOOD BOY method

    My aim is to make my video go viral by optimizing my YouTube SEO which in turn should rank my video in Google search too. I had posted a thread where I had asked should I quit my channel or not (as it's almost a dead channel) so majority was like don't quit, so this is my last attempt in...
  20. bangun tidur

    [ASK] Weird SERP Question?!

    Lately serp has been really weird this day and we know it because May Core update because some of the site i've working always high in traffic and after may 5 exactly it just go down to almost no impression. But i don't want to blame but instead i want to share a little bit about my trouble...
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