google results

  1. M

    Question about how twitter posts display on the search results

    I have noticed that when individual twitter posts get indexed on Google it differs between what text gets used for the title of the search result on Google for that post. For many twitter posts the title in the search result is the text of the twitter profile itself. But in others I notice the...
  2. Ed Roy

    How to extract more than 100 results from Google?

    For the keyword "How to transport 2 kayaks without a roof rack", Google shows me, there are About 384,000 results that are similar to the query. Now, I want to extract all of these results. Maybe the example I have given is not the perfect example, but you get the idea. Are there any paid...
  3. fizakhan1

    Google Dancing or Any Update

    I just noticed some keyword of my niche(adult escorts) are dancing like hell getting new result on each click,is there anyone who noticed or this is happening to me only?
  4. KartikJha

    How do we scrape all those thousands of results from Google search?

    Hi guys, Is there any standalone bot (keeping SB and GSR aside) which can give me all the results from Google for a specific search with proxy?
  5. Vishal Sanjay

    Will Do-Follow Links Towards Gambling / Casino Related Sites Impact SEO?

    Hi I run a few fairly popular blogs, including one in the Sports niche and another one which publishes listicles. Ever since I created a 'Write For Us' page, I've been receiving numerous emails from outreach professionals asking if we allow sponsored articles on our sites. These sponsored...
  6. knopper

    Google Search New Feature

    I was doing random search on Google and found this new feature (i hope it is). I clicked on a website from the results what i got for the search term on and i immediately clicked back button within seconds. Google has shown relevant searches just below that particular search...
  7. E

    Google search suggestion

    Hi guys and girls We have a client who wants us to effect the 10 google drop down when you do a search for that company name Ie. Company name + keywords For example products, plus 10 more positive keywords Our client, the company is a smallish company with around 300 searches a month. We...
  8. J

    How to listing in Google search [order,]

    Hi, I have website online food ordering service in Denmark. My competitors website is coming in order from "Just-eat," in Google search results. I have integrate rich data code in my website. Please check and let me know, if i'm wrong, also i have submitted my website...
  9. youtalk

    Google Returned Results

    I've been noticing this coming up a lot on items that I have listed on my website. "In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 19 already displayed. If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included." So if a user...
  10. M

    How do I push Neg. and bad links from our business on google search FAST!!! Please HELP!

    How do I push Neg. and bad links from our business on google search FAST!!! Please HELP! Remove bad links from my business' top search results.Any ideas or tools to use people??? Looking for any help we can get. THANKS!!! Please send information of tools or ideas.
  11. puneetas3

    [Urgent Help] Google showing my sitemaps in SERP. How do I stop it?

    I have a WP site with Yoast SEO plugin which produces a sitemap at (with 3 inner sitemaps - post-sitemap.xml, page-sitemap.xml and post_tag-sitemap.xml). The problem is Google has indexed all these sitemaps and showing them in SERP. These also shows up in my site...
  12. S

    how scrape google results of my site

    hi, i want scrape into txt, xls, etc, the 20 first snippets from google when i search this: keyword How i can do it? Thanks
  13. Ramsweb

    New Google Interface???

    Guys I feel like a bit of a tool for asking this question but I was wondering if anyone noticed the new google interface when you search. On the left hand side, a menu pops up allowing the user to search by videos, images, news etc. I thought there will a lot of noise about this on the...
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