google news approval

  1. Web Growth

    ⏩❤️Get Powerful Google News Approved Guest Post ✅High Organic Traffic Websites | Do-follow Backlink ❤️[$20 only]✅

    Write & Publish High Quality DO-Follow Google News Approved Guest Post First Check Guest Post Website Traffic: Hence, you may hire me right away for getting huge traffic to your website and ranking it. The goal of my work is to deliver high-quality work that will help your website...
  2. singhlarry

    Seeking suggestions from the SEO experts | Setting up guest posting site

    As a new member on BlackHatWorld, I've been reading the forum for the past four years but only registered a few days ago. My plan is to create a guest posting site using an aged domain and get it approved by Google News. I'll be using WPautomatic to generate automatic posts and once I have a...
  3. A

    ▶️Selling Google News Approved Websites▶️Wordpress Websites▶️Built on Expired Domains▶️GET Faster Indexing

    I am selling Google News Approved Websites (New Edition). Google News approved domains/websites are valuable because they are more likely to get faster indexing and get traffic due to Google algorithm. I research and buy expired domains, then build websites and get them approved on google...
  4. A

    ▶️Selling Google News Approved Domains ▶️Expired Domains▶️GET Faster Indexing

    I am selling Google News Approved Domains (New Edition). Google News approved domains are valuable because they are more likely to get faster indexing and get traffic due to Google algorithm. I research and buy expired domains and get them approved on google news. So, yes, expired domains will...
  5. chouchouda

    Google news: Submit multilingual news website

    Hi everyone. I"m news here. Need some advice. Please anyone can help? For Google news multilingual website news, do I need to submit, language one by one? for example. French, English separately Thanks
  6. tosinwilliam

    Google news approved domains

    Hi guys I want to ask you how can I get benefit from my google news approved domains I know that I can sell it but is there any another thing can i do with this domains bring me good money
  7. John Tran

    [Limited Stocks] Google News Approved Websites - Discount CODE for BHW Member Only.

    ✅Are you struggling with indexing your content? ✅ Is your content not indexed because of the newly registered domain? ✅ Need websites for your auto blogging system with a good rate of indexation? :) :) :) Our GOOGLE NEWS APPROVED WEBSITES can solve all the above problems and more. Top BENEFITS...
  8. 4ry4n

    [Question] Did anyone successfully register blog posts of an ecommerce website to show on Google News?

    Greetings BHW, So we have this e-commerce website that has a blog ( Can I register the posts on this page on Google News? We are not a News publishing, we just post tech related articles based on what is new and we already show up on Google Discover from time to time. I do...
  9. T

    How To Get Google News Approval For A B2B site ?

    Hello, I want to add publication at publishercenter google com, but I can't verify my search console. When I click on the verify button it just leads me to the search console page for creating a property. Is there any way to verify it?

    Auto Blog Approved in Google News.But?

    Hi. Today my autoblog approved in Google news will that increase my indexing rate? currently only 10 links are indexed and one in google news tab? any idea? Thank you
  11. GNews

    Google News Approved Sites For Dummies | Difference of Generation 1 vs 2021's Generation 2 GNAS

    Greetings BHW, I'm GNEWS I'm doing a regular contribution here to the BHW forum to exercise my passion for writing. This is my 'next How To' set up. I would not consider myself a Google News Approved Sites expert, if I have never worked at Google. The intricacies of algorithm and updates...
  12. Geekbxt

    [Journey] Get a Google News Approved Site

    Hello Reader, After getting google news approval in one of my website, So I am planning to get approval on one more site and later on will flip that. So what I have right now: Website is already setup All the important pages are already setup Link to all google search console and google...
  13. Geekbxt

    Google News Approved Site Business

    Hello All, Can anyone help me how we can set up our "Google News Approved Site Business" Where we can Flip the Google News Approved Site.
  14. dakudaddy

    [Method] How to Get Approval from Google News

    Hey BHW Most of you want your website to get approved from google news so i am sharing my tested method of google news approval on any domain fresh or expired it work on both. I am not going to explain setup etc its just a short method about plugin, theme and pages. Important plugin you need...
  15. Aniket Roy

    [Attention!] This could be 'bad news' for all those selling 'Google News Approved Websites' for $$$

    I don't know when they rolled this out but Google has softened up the guidelines for inclusion in Google News. I don't know if I'm the only one discovering this so late; seems recent to me. Check this out: Though I haven't tried submitting anything as of yet, but gonna do soon. Let me...
  16. SocialManager

    Google News Websites - Warning re: Buying and Flipping

    Google News has made changes to its processes. The value of "approved" websites is going to go WAY DOWN. From now on, it appears that Google News will use an algorithm only to decide which articles to include in their Google News results and Featured News stories. The approval process is much...
  17. citizenxs

    ✅Google News Approved Websites For Sale

    I am selling a small handful of Google News listed sites with good DA and PA, each one 100% Google News compliant and on a domain several years old. Prices: Between $750 and $1,250 for English websites, and less for non-English sites (see below). What are the benefits of being in Google News...
  18. cycoshas

    Alternative to Google News

    I just approve my website on google news & now I am looking for an alternative to gather more traffic. I just find out about Apple News & Bing News please suggest more alternatives
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