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    Google Ads suspension

    Hi, This is my first post in the forum, I hope that someone helps me because I really have lot of problems with google Ads account. I'm working completly in white hat domain... I have a normal e-commerce store. At the begining I created A google merchant account and google ads account, my GMC...
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    How to get new merchant/ adwords account after a suspension?

    Hi everyone, so my merchant centre account was suspended about 4 months ago during its initial review and remains so to this day for misrepresentation and after Hiring a consultant to help me find the problem it seems like I am unlucky and google is mistaking me for another website or someone...
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    suspended google merchant account

    Did someone whose account was suspended manage to reactivate them? I had my google merchant account suspended for making false statements, I tried to open other accounts, but they are suspended as soon as they go to the google merchant review ...
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    Need Google Merchant Account With Live Product

    I’m looking for a person who can help with my upcoming project. We now need a service which can provide A to Z support in creating a google merchant account that can be activated with our online store (backed by shopify or Wordpress). Using our website, you may upload a few products of your...