google merchant

  1. D

    Google Merchant misrepresentation - professional help needed

    Hello, we're doing dropshipping for almost 6 years without any issues running multiple stores and as Google updates their policy regurarly the Google Merchant suspensions are getting harder and harder to solve and reinstate. We are willing to pay very generously to anyone who really knows what...
  2. M

    Google Merchant Misrepresentation!

    I have a Merchant account connect to my store for more than 2 years Now, With No Problems or any issues,But By this end of the year 2023 I got an account issue for misrepresentation. I checked all there suggestion they Give me and I found my Store mits all the createria there saying except for...
  3. boulbimp3

    My Google Shopping Strategy for 2023: A Blueprint for Success in E-commerce!

    Greetings, fellow marketers! Today, I'm going a full blueprint you can use for your google shopping ads strategy. **Why Google Shopping?** Let's dive into why Google Shopping is the powerhouse for 2024. Unlike platforms charging per impression, Google bills per click. This means you pay only...
  4. J

    Can I use one paypal for multiple Google Merchant site?

    It doesnt seem clear if I can use one PayPal for multiple Google Merchant account so I wanna consult from you guys :) im trying to build ecommerce site and advertise it via google shopping
  5. S

    Running stable Google Ads for a black hat niche (replica sneakers)

    Hi all! First of all I'd like to thank everyone on this forum. I've learned a lot from simply being a lurker for quite some time. For example, last year I set up my financial structure and companies based on a lot of the little gems of knowledge I found buried in threads here. Now, however, I...
  6. Mathe_Angelucci

    Does anyone have tips for creating or reactivating a Google Merchant Center?

    Well I'm doing studies on Google Merchant Center and I would like to discuss about it, finding new knowledge and sharing mine.
  7. Dollar Machine

    Anyone can teach me how to approve Google Merchant Accounts

    Hello, I'm looking for any expert who can teach me how to approve Google Merchant Accounts Or If anyone is selling Approved Google merchant accounts.
  8. M

    Google Ads suspension

    Hi, This is my first post in the forum, I hope that someone helps me because I really have lot of problems with google Ads account. I'm working completly in white hat domain... I have a normal e-commerce store. At the begining I created A google merchant account and google ads account, my GMC...
  9. U

    How to get new merchant/ adwords account after a suspension?

    Hi everyone, so my merchant centre account was suspended about 4 months ago during its initial review and remains so to this day for misrepresentation and after Hiring a consultant to help me find the problem it seems like I am unlucky and google is mistaking me for another website or someone...
  10. D

    suspended google merchant account

    Did someone whose account was suspended manage to reactivate them? I had my google merchant account suspended for making false statements, I tried to open other accounts, but they are suspended as soon as they go to the google merchant review ...
  11. A

    Need Google Merchant Account With Live Product

    I’m looking for a person who can help with my upcoming project. We now need a service which can provide A to Z support in creating a google merchant account that can be activated with our online store (backed by shopify or Wordpress). Using our website, you may upload a few products of your...
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