google local listing

  1. thuzhar

    GMB Local listing - listing is outside of city borders

    Hi , i have been struggling to get a ranking on 1st page with majority of the listing i managed if the address is outside of the city borders! , its really frustrating and i need some advice . does anybody have a solid idea on how it works? or can somebody give me any guides to me to read...
  2. T

    Looking for google maps specialist / creating GMP

    Im looking to hire someone that can handle creating map listing on google maps without postcard verification and will be able to optimize them. the part is full time and i will compensate extremely well.
  3. ss1180

    Google Local Listing Phone Verification

    Google send verification code via post on physical address. So my question is that is anyone know which type of business support Phone Verification as google mentioned that only selected or few business cab be verified by Phone Verification. So anyone know which type of business is it?
  4. U

    Looking for a google my business (google places) expert

    I’m looking for a google place expert to create multiple listings in the garage door business without physical location. Contact me if interested.
  5. H

    need to create google maps no fisical address $$$$

    looking to find someone that can create google my business , maps , without Physical address there is a new trick in 2016 , just say the word and make tones of $$$$
  6. codeman1234

    Can I add a Facebook Fan Page on Google Local listing?

    Hello, Just wondering is it possible to add a Facebook Fan Page on Google Local Business listing? Have anyone tried? Thanks!
  7. N

    Google local rankings question

    Hey guys, I've got a client that has managed to rank 2 local keywords, and wants to rank a third one. All 3 keywords have local results. 1) denture + city name, 2) dentures + city name, 3) denturist + city name. He is failing to rank for "denturist + city name". Does anyone know how Google...
  8. R

    Local SEO List

    Finally Started working on a Local SEO List and found some good sites. I think these sites should improve your Google Local Listings plus give good juice to your sites as most of them are pr4/pr5. I am still working on the list and will update as i go along. this is my first contribution post in...
  9. S

    How to tell if a Google + Local Listing is verified

    Hi all (first post here - can't figure out which section to post in.. so here goes anyway). Just wondering if anyone has knows how to tell if the new Google Plus Local business pages have been Owner Verified?? As far as I can tell all the pages that I know I have verified for customers no...
  10. ramtripper

    Looking For A Partner In Google Local Listings

    I'm ready to start a Local Listings campaign and have sources to dozens of potential clients. But, I need to be able to guarantee them a high ranking in Google Local Listings for at least 1 or 2 of their main keywords. The listings will be competitive as these clients are from the New York City...
  11. B

    Google Local Business Listings

    I get best results when I repeat adding the business atleast 3 times. Sometimes I need to keep doing it because it doesn't show on the front page. But once it's there it seems to stick. This is my first contribution, albeit a little weak I want to feel like I am contributing. I am sure that...
  12. N

    Need tips to get top 5 position in google local listing

    HI Guys I need some tips and advise regards the global local listing. Can you please tell me, how to get top 5 google local listing in google local. Your response are really apperciated. Thanks Naveen
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