google core update

  1. SashaPavelMisha

    My take on the latest Google Core update (May 2022) and why I don't care anymore..

    I have been hit HARD back in 2019 and 2020 by these updates... Lost 75-80% of my income, and i was making good money, twice what I am making now with just a dozen or so websites.. Long story short, i vowed to overcome the adversity of Google core updates. and 2 years later I can say I achieved...
  2. R

    Site Affected by Google Update Both July and November Suggestions

    I am not a newbie to SEO with years of background both launching and optimizing other sites but feel stuck in the mud with a site that has been hit twice with this year’s core updates and reaching out for some suggestions that I am overlooking. The site is and speaks to cosmetic and...
  3. G

    Anyone recovered from the Dec '20 Google Core Update?

    Hi, I'm in the CBD niche and my websites lost 70% of the traffic overnight on the December Core Update and I have not been able to recover despite making loads of positive changes to my websites. Anybody here who has successfully recovered from this update? Would really like to get in contact!
  4. r3dfear

    Lost 50% of the traffic in one day and another 20% the next day. Please help.

    Hello everyone, I really really need your help. Just yesterday (September 11th, 2021) we lost nearly 50% of my organic traffic and today (September 12th, 2021) we lost an additional 20% of the traffic. For the last week, we have only added advertisements from Monumetric and historical versions...
  5. FinishLine

    Google SERPS Increase or Drop?

    I am seeing Desktop: number of keywords jump in SERPS from regular positions of 7+, going up to 3-5 Gaining 10-15% in traffic Mobile: position remains the same for SERPS 1-10... But 50% of our lower ranking keywords are gone. Traffic down 10 -15% Big G Roulette Wheel...Someone's doing to take...
  6. HenryObi

    Following The Recent Google Update, What Are You Doing Differently?

    Question is already in the title. My site that was impacted keeps losing keywords more and more though some pages have stabilized at positions slightly lower than they were(still top 10). The rest are just losing keywords daily with little to no new gain in keywword. I'm wondering since...
  7. D

    What I Learnt After Ranking 2 Websites in A High Competition Niche - I Basically Dominated the Niche Entirely

    I'm going to share some useful tips I've learnt about Google Ranking Algo in the course of building 2 successful websites in two different niches each of them dominating their niche. These website are content websites monetized with Google AdSense only and each of the sites doing a nice 5...
  8. Mr Cupid

    Google Core Update is rolling out Now

    Google recently run Core Update on May 4th of this month. My question is, Anybody, Did you feel any Changes seen in your website traffic & ranking. Maybe it'll run the next 1 or 2 weeks, So Keep watch on your Sites. Sources:-...
  9. Alok1688

    Anyone got hit or ranked by Google Core Update

    Hey guys share your views on this latest - September 2019 Google Core Update. Who got hit? Who got ranked? My sites are all stable as before. I hear many people are recovering from June core update after this September core update.
  10. A

    massiv ranking losses after core update 08/18. Your plans /ideas?

    hey guys! i have a blog which has ranked very well over many years. many top 1-3 positions. after the update the blog has hardly any real rankings in the top 10. who is in a similar situation and already has ideas how he will bring his site back to the top? look forward to your ideas. :)...
  11. SlickSocials

    Google Core Update | (12th Dec) Fred Or Makkabi

    Hey there guys, if you were experiencing some rank dancing, its normal the cause is an Algorithm core update, just found this one after researching, hope you'll find this useful Brothers!