google algorithms

  1. borgosh

    Capped click numbers by Google

    In the past year I noticed that no matter what I do the organic clicks are the same on a weekly basis. They are not growing/falling. I was hit by the october 17 update and thought some of my articles have serious issues. Started upgrading them seriously and when I significantly improved one...
  2. Yachtlifebro

    New (Kind Of)

    I used to be a member of this forum as a child, and it's actually the reason I'm now in digital marketing and software development. Back then, I earned money by boosting YouTube views with email affiliates and attaching cookies to **** affiliates, among other things. Now, almost 20 years later...
  3. blackshadowseo

    Rank drop

    Hi guys my site has suddenly dropped in google ranking.I can also find a few other sites which have dropped suddenly. Did anybody experienced the same? Can someone tell me what will be the reason.Not only my site multiple sites are dropping for multiple keywords.Can somebody share some info..
  4. Renfield-Files

    Escorts website owners: clean up your act!

    You cannot rank high if you can't manage to drive 150-600 good links to your website. It's the rule for adult niche, excluding hard porn. Plus, Google take escort websites and directories as something light. We all know that since 2012 for our niche. Now we need to be even lighter. Remove...
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