Capped click numbers by Google


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Feb 10, 2013
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In the past year I noticed that no matter what I do the organic clicks are the same on a weekly basis.

They are not growing/falling.

I was hit by the october 17 update and thought some of my articles have serious issues.

Started upgrading them seriously and when I significantly improved one with great results tha next day another articles dropped out of google entirely. (No clicks no impression even when they were at the first position previously).

Even with this content fluctuation I got the same number of clicks each day. Overall impressions are not growing as well.

What is your personal experience? How would you counter attack?
I'm too new to SEO to have an opinion about that, but I had the same impression (no pun intended) with mobile apps and ads. No matter how many users I had, and how much time they spent on the games, at the end of the month the revenue was always the same, like if it was capped.
Maybe that's a Google "policy".
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