google adsense rule

  1. nettspring

    is this type of domain ok to use for AdSense ?

    I see a lot of this kind of domain available to purchase, and are those ok to use for Adsense blogs, or are there any legitimate problems? I am not concern about domain extensions. These domain names include Brand names like Android, Apple, windows, Nokia etc
  2. S

    Is it true google adsense accept only clicks from search engines traffic?

    I read somewhere that google adsense accept and will pay only from the traffic comes from search engines instead of other sources?
  3. onlinemarketnow

    Google Timeout. What to do?

    For those of you who have google adsense and have multiple blogs. This is for you. Just did some experiment and found this out. Say you have 2 blogs. Blog 1. You blast it with Xrumer, Auto Pligg, Scrapebox.. etc Blog 2. You just leave it alone with the regular traffic. With Blog 1, you...
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