Google Timeout. What to do?


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Mar 28, 2010
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For those of you who have google adsense and have multiple blogs. This is for you. Just did some experiment and found this out.

Say you have 2 blogs.

Blog 1. You blast it with Xrumer, Auto Pligg, Scrapebox.. etc
Blog 2. You just leave it alone with the regular traffic.

With Blog 1, you will notice that g00gle will start paying you much less than what you use to get from them. This is because they see the traffic coming in to Blog 1 as junk traffic. You will have a lot of bots and spiders coming to your blog.

So the solution is this. ONLY BLAST 1 Blog at a time. DO NOT DO BOTH or your earnings will DROP until you decide to give them a timeout and possible put CPA offers up. :)

What you really have to do is rotate the blasts. If you blast Blog 1 this week, give it about 1 week to cool down from the heat from google.

You then blast Blog 2. Why? Because more traffic = more earnings. You will always need traffic, especially if you are into flipping the blogs for money.

When Blog 1 is taking the heat from google, Blog 2 will still be earning regular. Once you have blasted your blogs enough, you can put them on a Blast time out phase. You will then notice that your earnings will start to go higher.

What you really need to do is to get more than 2 blogs.

Hopes this helps someone here :)
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