adsense ban

  1. L

    My adsense got banned for invalid traffic, am I fucked?

    My adsense under my name and bank got banned, is there any way I make a account on a family member and link my bank account or is my name forever on the google ban list and I cannot use their ad products?
  2. Thenumero

    What HAPPENS if YouTube Channel Gets DEMONETIZED?

    Hello there, how are you guys doing? I'm trying some sketchy method on YouTube. I was wondering what happens if the YouTube channel gets demonetized. Will Adsense go down with the channel? We have Adsense created on our company, which has 5+ YouTube accounts. So if one goes down will the...
  3. B

    how to unban domain name after adsense disabled

    It's a sad day for me guys! :weep: my adsense account was disabled this morning for invalid questions is: 1. Will i still be able to use my current domains associated with my disabled adsense account with a different account 2. Will i get my last month finalize earnings...
  4. smhripon

    Adsense Banned

    If my website associated adsense account Suspend will i add the website in another adsense account?
  5. HenryObi

    Don't You Think Adsense Should Pay Users Who Were Banned For Minor Violations?

    Hi I created a thread some days ago about adsense banning my account on the 21st 2 hours after sending me a payment email and I was asking if anyone knows whether I'll be paid or not. I was paid. Here's a link to the thread>>...
  6. HenryObi

    What Happens If Adsense Disables Account On 21st

    Hi, my account just got disabled for reasons I honestly don't know they said it's because of site content. But my site content complies completely. Though I once used it on a site that's not totally compliant. But that is a long time ago. Now I have this issue. Before recieving the ban email...
  7. MajTechReview

    YouTube Termination and Adsense Ban

    My old YouTube channel got terminated so my adsense got terminated too, but I heard I cannot create another adsense account under the same address because it will get declined, can anyone help please? does anybody have idea on this, youtube has always been kinda my dream xD and now im not able...
  8. Baree

    How can I start fresh in the eyes of Google?

    Hello! About a year ago I was doing some nasty things with YouTube, and long story short, I got banned for life. Although it was the platform that suited my skills and talents the most, I had to say goodbye to it. I could go the shady way and trick them into thinking that I am someone else, but...
  9. J

    If i have a adsense for my website and i want one for youtube

    If i have a adsense for my website and i want one for youtube, will they be on the same adsense. I don't want to potentially get banned for youtube which i wouldn't care but i would if it also banned my website as well. so really what i'm saying is are they linked together? My website is loved...
  10. G

    Using VPN for Adsense?

    Hi guys, If an IP has been blocked by Adsense, will a VPN work - in terms of not getting banned again? If using a VPN, will they be able to track what PC you are using - thus tracking it back to when you were banned? Thanks
  11. mccullum

    6k per month adsense account just got banned

    How do you think that makes me feel? TERRIBLE! Anyway, i just thought i must let people know why i think i got banned. The only reason i can think of is i had "comment links" for SEO purposes. Can you believe that? I do. The content is fantastic since they are not just 5 dollar articles. I...
  12. onlinemarketnow

    Google Timeout. What to do?

    For those of you who have google adsense and have multiple blogs. This is for you. Just did some experiment and found this out. Say you have 2 blogs. Blog 1. You blast it with Xrumer, Auto Pligg, Scrapebox.. etc Blog 2. You just leave it alone with the regular traffic. With Blog 1, you...
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