google ads suspension

  1. Joshgnh

    Google Ad suspended for suspicious payment activity

    Hey guys, I got my account suspended 5 days ago and already filed an appeal form and just waiting to hear back from them. I think I know why it was suspended because I used 2 different accounts to promote one company with the same credit card (accidentally). I removed the card from another...
  2. R

    Start black campaing in Google Ads

    Hi, guys! Before I'll start, sorry for my English : ) I hope somebody help to solve the problem: I make a new account Google Ads with new IP, Domain, UserAgent (Sphere browser), new Hosting. Make a new campaign on "white" business (cafe, car repair service, restaurant and etc.). I have found...
  3. U

    Facing google ads Payment Suspension

    Facing google ads Payment Suspension Any one have solution Tell me . Paid Task

    Are these enough to not get suspension for SAME website?

    1. Removing GSC, GA, GTM and other parallel tracking codes, files and tags 2. Unique CC with unique Gmail plus GSC, GA, GTM 3. Switching IP Address or Hosting 4. Repeating 1 to 3 after reaching payment threshold One things that I learnt from previous experiments and asking Google Ads...