google ads suspension

  1. Adsexpert

    Circumventing Systems - Google Ads

    Hello all, 1) My website code has "noindex". Does this trigger circumventing systems? 2) My website has redirection to other websites. Does this trigger circumventing systems?
  2. Adsexpert

    Google Ads Help!

    Hi all, I have learned how to advertise on Google. However, I want to learn how to reactivate accounts and advertiser verification for my accounts. I really appreciate if you share your experience in this field. Thanks.
  3. K

    Google Ads Suspension Form

    Hi all, I am new for Google Ads. Whenever I got suspended, I create new accounts. Are there any experts who want to share unvaluable knowledge :) How to fill, which link should be used etc.? Thanks in advance.
  4. M

    Google Ads - Your account violated the Circumventing systems policy.

    Hello guys, I really need help on this GA suspension - We are advertising IPTV for almost 1 year now, and everything was fine we used to reactivate accounts from suspicious payments, we usually work with threshold accounts, also accounts we pay to play. This week had a big surprise all our...
  5. I

    Looking for expert to help to solve problem on google shooping ads

    I'm in e-commerce and I'm having trouble integrating google shooping on my different websites. I first launched the creation of my ads account, all the fields are well filled, Google Ads enterprise account. Generally, the account is blocked 24 hours later but with an email explaining that the...
  6. Ozito

    Unacceptable Business Practices ( Solution )

    Hey guys, so I have been currently experiencing a difficulty running my affiliate campaign with my new threshold accounts and this is because I keep getting "unacceptable business practices" suspension and this is what I have tried : Account 1 : I got it after 2 hours from launching the...
  7. N

    What to do if you've been completely banned from Google Ads?

    So, way back when i was a teenager i tried to run google ads to a niche blog site, and may or may have done so in an unethical way (no use in explaining what i did), so what happened is that Google banned that account i was using. Fast forward to today, and i am giving affiliate marketing...
  8. Danish0

    Circumventing system policy

    hello friends I ran google ads for my travel business, I got a mail from google Your account has been suspended for unacceptable business practice, I submitted appeal against suspension, then I get mail from google Your account has been reactivated. After few hours again google send a...
  9. A

    I finally found out the solution for the suspension " We've detected suspicious payments in your account "

    Originally i tried looking for help on the forum, but obviously no one was going to share the solution to this problem for free. ( But I found out some little tips here ) After many suspended accounts and a lot of testing I finally found out the solution to this problem, so I'm very happy :D...
  10. T

    Google ads Suspension Affiliate Marketing

    Hey guys this is my first thread on BHW, I'm a beginner on affiliate marketing i started practically lately and started with GAds as my advertising platform, I ran the campaign with my landing page a legit one then I've got suspended with Circumventing the system policy and i wanna ask you is...
  11. hussal

    Help checking my method to avoid suspension on google ads

    Hello everyone, I used cloaker to run google ads campaign, and now I'm doomed, I get suspended everytime I create a new account for circumventing the system. So now I'm going to change everything that comes to mind in order to not get caught or at least narrow down how my identity is exposed...
  12. MehtaM

    How to promote health offer(whitehat) safely through Google Ads?

    I'm trying to promote a health product through Google Ads but my account gets suspended every time. The product is from a well known affiliate network. The campaign is whitehat. I'm promoting long review article with affiliate link CTA. I see many ads of the same product so others are promoting...
  13. Y

    Google Ads email requirements?

    Hey everyone, recently I have been having some success with BH ads on google. However, the main issue I have been facing is the creation of more Google Ads accounts. I use Kameleo to make multiple profiles, but for the Google Ads I am making fresh accounts and using them after 1-2 weeks, this is...
  14. Joshgnh

    Google Ad suspended for suspicious payment activity

    Hey guys, I got my account suspended 5 days ago and already filed an appeal form and just waiting to hear back from them. I think I know why it was suspended because I used 2 different accounts to promote one company with the same credit card (accidentally). I removed the card from another...
  15. JYMMarketing

    ✅ All-In-One WH/BH Google Ads Accounts Solutions | Aged/Spent/Active Accounts VPS Delivery

    F.A.Q's What is the TAT after I place an order? Average TAT is 3-5 days (or sooner) If my account gets banned, will I get a replacement? A replacement will be provided in the case that the ban is not the fault of the client. For example, a billing suspension would warrant a replacement. A...
  16. R

    Start black campaing in Google Ads

    Hi, guys! Before I'll start, sorry for my English : ) I hope somebody help to solve the problem: I make a new account Google Ads with new IP, Domain, UserAgent (Sphere browser), new Hosting. Make a new campaign on "white" business (cafe, car repair service, restaurant and etc.). I have found...
  17. U

    Facing google ads Payment Suspension

    Facing google ads Payment Suspension Any one have solution Tell me . Paid Task

    Are these enough to not get suspension for SAME website?

    1. Removing GSC, GA, GTM and other parallel tracking codes, files and tags 2. Unique CC with unique Gmail plus GSC, GA, GTM 3. Switching IP Address or Hosting 4. Repeating 1 to 3 after reaching payment threshold One things that I learnt from previous experiments and asking Google Ads...
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