google ad expert

  1. cosmo89

    Looking for Google ads Expert

    I am looking for Google ads expert for our store. We have a monthly budget and planning to start with search and display ads, for now, then move to the next shopping ads as well. We want to get more orders, and if the results a good, we can sure work longterm. So do connect with me if you have...
  2. D


    is thre anyone in here know what is the thing that actually keep our ads on top of the pages in keyword search? any kind of opinion is acceptable since im pretty new in adwords, thank you.
  3. C

    Need black hat Google ad experts

    Hi all, I need someone with BH Google ads experience and having aged accounts. People who bring results will be highly rewarded. Please DM. Thanks,
  4. Samr0y

    Looking for a BH Google Ads expert

    Hi Looking to hire an expert on BH Google Ads. DM to discuss further.
  5. C

    Need BH Google ads expert

    Hi everyone, We are looking for Google ads experts for our BH niche. Please DM for more details. Thanks,
  6. S

    Need someone to help us create Google Ads account for whitehat sites

    Run a few e-commerce stores. Google ads account was fine until we got suspended for misrepresentation, doing the appeals but in the meantime losing a lot of money from lack of traffic. We need someone who can create ad accounts and walk us through what to avoid in terms of tracking codes, URLs...
  7. D

    [Adwords] Cloaking for niche market

    Hi im looking for someone who can do blackhat adwords service for niche market in indonesia. Because ive tried to promote a web and never pasd through.
  8. C

    Google ads account from a different country

    Hey guys i have a question,if i manage to get an old google account from USA or any other countrythat had spend on ads already in the past and i add my master card from my own country will it lead to the account being suspended ? Or lead to suspicious payment activity ?? Any help/advice will...
  9. L

    Advertising on google and facebook

    Hello everyone, I’ve created a shopify store, offering content writing service. I will be also reselling google analytic visitors (from USA and UK). I wanted to know if I can advertise on google and Facebook, considering that I will be reselling website visitors ? Please let me know. Thanks
  10. C

    Google Ads

    Hi guys , am new to google ads, i want to run google ads with my website . But dont know where to start. Can someone please help me out on where to start ? all the expert guide will be appreciated. Niche is Pet. thanks in advance
  11. Kpy13

    What is 2020 self clicking trick available without cought by Admob

    Hello All , i am kavya and i i am new here , i recently completed my android course and planning to make self clicking app for earning purpose, Can someone explain me trick to earn without banned by google. Can i use aws to create multiple servers and install emulator to accees my app and...