google #1 rank needed

  1. johnnyjukem

    Looking for 300 Google Reviews

    I am running marketing for multiple businesses. I could really use some help getting them more Google reviews. English name is a must. $5 per review. Seller needs to have a thread with reviews from past clients Profiles must be: - Anywhere within Los Angeles County English - Male or Female...
  2. AdvertiserLeads

    I wouldn't touch SEO without a 5 figure budget

    "There are no easy keywords anywhere anymore. I wouldn't touch SEO without a 5 figure budget, but that's me." The other day I was talking to someone I respect from this forum, I found his opinion interesting, and I want to know what you think.
  3. M

    I need help with Wordpress article rewrite

    Please I have 14 domains and I want to autoblog by rss feed, please how do I auto rewrite imported articles from rss feed? Is there a wordpress plugin that can rewrite all imported articles before publishing? I need serious help
  4. Mr. Smith2000

    Need Help with Google Ads (Adwords) Campaign - Copyright Content Issue

    Hello everyone, I'm relatively new to the world of IPTV, and I'm currently facing a challenge with launching a Google Ads (Adwords) campaign for my website. The primary issue I'm encountering is related to copyright content, despite my efforts to exclude certain keywords that may suggest the...
  5. sallythewriter

    How Will Google's SGE Affect SEO?

    Hey guys, I'm curious to know your thoughts on Google's SGE. It still hasn't rolled out in my country yet, thank god. IBut 've been seeing that it might affect SEO strategies by 30%. Is that true? Should we be worried?
  6. R

    Looking for Google business keyword/map ranking service

    Hello, looking for a service that will show my google business page when certain keywords are being used/searched especially for the google map ranking. If you have this kind of service, please let me know.
  7. V

    Just new in BHW

    a newcomer in BHW, any guide or help will be deeply appreciated and any service in SEO world you guys can provide, please tell me. i will be interested
  8. S

    Google knowledge panel

    Dear Friends, We are looking for specialists how can create a google knowledge panel such the one pictured. If this is your expertise or you know of a reliable source kindly send us your contact information or respond below. Thank you.
  9. Haivanessa

    Lost 150 reviews in two weeks. Need quality, non-drop reviews!

    Has anyone had any success working with someone on here that’s trustworthy? We recently lost 150 #Googlereviews that had been on the account for 10+ months. Lost during these last two weeks. We desperately need to recuperate the reviews but need (1) guarantee they won’t drop for at least...
  10. S

    some of my keywords stopped ranking suddenly

    Some of my keywords are stopped ranking in SERP,s for a few days. Can anyone explain what to do to get those keywords back on SERP,s ranking
  11. J

    organic traffic to a web

    Hi, im looking for organic traffic to a website by keywords to boost google search engine ranking
  12. K

    Google ads problems

    Hello I have a problem in Google ads All my account suspended because I made a campaign about Selling mineral water Someone tell me use a cloaker and google can't suspended my accounts I use it in website: trafficsheild but still work for 1 day and suspend And alot of my campaigns...
  13. U

    How to rank up your page 1 or 2 in google in 40 minutes Who can do this ?

    I know a guy who did this but he challenges anybody to rank upper than him and be the rank number 1 or 2 instead of him could anyone do this or explain in detail how this happened!?
  14. Shawerma

    Do Google ads allow you to promote facebook / instagram boosting services?

    Google ads allow you to promote facebook / Instagram boosting services? also I saw some people promoting reddit upvotes and discord members can they get banned for this?
  15. Outright SEO

    How we can get Good results from off-page SEO

    Off-page SEO refers to optimization strategies and tactics that occur outside of a website to improve its ranking in search engines. This includes: Link building: Acquiring high-quality backlinks from other reputable websites Social media marketing: Promoting a website on social media platforms...
  16. F

    How long does new content take to rank?

    For the past 2 weeks i been updating all product descriptions to all be unique and no duplicates , Meta Tag Title, H1 Tag and H2 Tags, Meta Tag Description and Meta Tag Keywords have all been done. i just wanted to know how long would it take for the new details to rank the website. right...
  17. Dare2Cam

    Looking to hire a person/team in order to bring traffic on our website

    Hello! We have recently launched a videochat website - the "roulette" type -- the member buys a package of minutes in order to spend time talking to the chathosts and he can "next" them any time he wants, until he reaches the person that he would like to spend time with. Higher ranking in Google...
  18. F

    Where am i going wrong - Seems like i been wasting money on buying links

    Hi All, So today is that day when you just sit and think where the heck am i going wrong. all these years i been wasting money i dont have on seo links from BHW but after checking a few of my competitors it seems like you don't really need much links to rank for my keywords but something else...
  19. P

    Increase Google Position from 5 to 1 in less than a week

    Hello, Im looking for expert who can help me to increase my website position for 5 keywords by 4 to 6 positions. the number of search in this keywords is about 500 to 1000 search per month.
  20. O

    How To Remove Google Adsense Ads limits?

    Is there anyone here who knows how to remove Google ads limit? If you know please share. Thank you.
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