godaddy domain

  1. A

    [question] redirecting a domain in godaddy bought domain

    Hi, SUB: Redirecting a domain in GoDaddy bought domain, I added my first website URL in 'forward domain' option of GoDaddy bought domain. Further I replaced that with a second website URL afterwards. BUT when I tried to open the domain, it is redirecting to...
  2. SyntaxG

    GoDaddy locked account after domain purchase..

    I bought a fresh domain off GoDaddy (first mistake) and the account linked to it was "locked" requesting identity verification and issued a refund already. If i'm unable to provide proof / get proof denied .. How long until the domain is back on the market for purchase? Because since they...
  3. A

    Unlimited VCC for godaddy domain 0.99$ ?

    How to Create Unlimited VCC for godaddy domain 0.99$ ?
  4. HenryObi

    Need Help With Godaddy Domain FOrwarding

    I need a US/CA resident to help me contact Godaddy so complete my domain forwarding which has refused to work ever since I set it. CC: @Sephrata @soccerlover I am willing to pay a few $$ for someone to help me
  5. HenryObi

    I Need A US/CA Based Godaddy User To Help Me Fix A Little Thing

    Hi, am having issues with Godaddy successfully forwarding my domain and unfortunately their 24/7 live support is never online so I can chat and complain to them to fix it. I'm in Nigeria, can't call them. So, I need some one who's in either US or CA to help me do the calling and just tell them...
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