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  1. cubitly

    Can't find TXT DNS Records For GoDaddy Auction Verification

    I bid on one domain in GD auctions after few days today I got an email of counter offer from the seller I opened GD and accepted the offer paid the amount to GD, But now I am checking it is registered with "NETWORK SOLUTIONS REGISTRAR" and not with godaddy. I googled and got to know GD verify...
  2. Shinichi Izumi

    Free 1 Year Godaddy Auction Premium

    Step 1: Go to, click on the join now and then click join now again Step 2: click have a promo code Step 3: enter "URBANSKILL" and apply then applied Step 4: check out, fill your Infos and create an account Step 5: Choose PayPal as an automatic payment Step 6: remove...
  3. shadowhunter55

    [Need Your Help] Is This A Good Auction Domain to Bid ?

    Hey fam, So i was browsing through GoDaddy auction domain and this domain caught my eye! I am thinking on buying this domain for my money site but i am not sure if its a good call or not. I have already looked at the anchors and it doesn't look spammy. But i am pretty much shocked when i looked...
  4. F

    Godaddy Auctions - Can I set WHOIS protection on the domain?

    I'm a complete noob at auctioning domains. But I have been scouting them for a few weeks now. And I finally won an auction. It took me a few google searches just to find out: "After you make a payment, we move the domain name to your account within 7 days." In the meantime, I would like to...
  5. Iamharris

    Godaddy Aged auctions are new domains?

    Hello, i have a question. Recently i bought a domain from godaddy auction which is 23 years old and have DA 33 PA 32. Before bidding i check out the domain on google using this query to make sure if pages of this website are showing or not ( only home page is indexed on...
  6. WarLords

    (Freebie) $0 Godaddy First Year Auction Account

    Hello All, Was just looking through my facebook wall and just saw a good shared working godaddy free coupon (valid for the first year only) I don't really know for how long it will last but here you go grab and use it faster :) FREEAMIN18 Hope you will find it useful
  7. DarkDevil1

    GoDaddy Auctions - How to Buy Awesome Domains From There

    GoDaddy auction is a great place to buy awesome domains, I know some people who only use this source for getting PBN or even money site domains. The only problem is sorting and choosing the good once from tons of domains. The guy I know uses ScrapeBox as he told once, However, I don't know the...
  8. nikita12

    Better GoDaddy Domain Auctions - PR, TF, DA and other useful metrics

    If you are a regular buyer of domains from the GoDaddy Domain Auctions, then you should definitely try out the new chrome extension released by DomCop. View PR, DA, TF, CF alongside the domains right from within the GoDaddy Auctions website View extended metrics - Moz, Majestic Seo, Alexa...
  9. randybishop

    Godaddy Auctions...what about domain privacy?

    I've bought a couple of expired domains for a private blog network via Godaddy Auctions. What sucks about Godaddy is you have to pay extra $10 for whois privacy which is essential for a private blog network. Has anyone found a cheaper way to get domain privacy (i.e. free transfer to another...
  10. nikita12

    Awesome domains expiring this week

    Hey guys, These are some domains that are expiring this week and have some great metrics 1: Page Rank: 3 Domain Authority: 51.93 Majestic Seo Citation Flow: 40 Majestic Seo Trust Flow: 12 Ends: 16 Dec 2013 01:30 2: Page Rank: 3 Domain Authority: 43.09 Majestic Seo...
  11. nikita12

    Expiring domains with high Trust Flow metric

    Hey guys, I'm posting expiring domains that have a high Majestic Seo Trust Flow metric 1: Domain Authority: 24.34 Majestic Seo Citation Flow: 39 Majestic Seo Trust Flow: 45 Alexa Rank: 6,413,482 Ends: 16 Dec 2013 09:19 2: Domain Authority: 27.51 Majestic Seo...
  12. nikita12

    Expiring domains with organic traffic as per SEMrush

    Hey guys, I'm posting expiring domains that have natural organic traffic as per SEMrush 1: Page Rank: 2 Domain Authority: 26.34 Majestic Seo Trust Flow: 7 Organic Traffic (SEMrush): 624 Alexa Rank: 1,421,634 Ends: 15 Dec 2013 01:32 2: Domain...
  13. nikita12

    High Moz Domain Authority expired domains for this week

    Hey guys, I'm posting expiring domains with a very high Moz Domain Authority. 1: Domain Authority: 51.2 Majestic Seo Citation Flow: 36 Majestic Seo Trust Flow: 7 Alexa Rank: 7,494,292 Ends: 13 Dec 2013 21:18 2: Domain Authority: 50.63 Majestic Seo...
  14. nikita12

    High Page Rank expired domains for this week

    Hey guys, Posting a List of high Page Rank domains expiring this week. 1: Page Rank: 4 Domain Authority: 43.22 Majestic Seo Citation Flow: 28 Majestic Seo Trust Flow: 17 Alexa Rank: 25,055,439 Age: 7 years Ends: 11 Dec 2013 20:07 2: Page Rank: 6 Domain...
  15. freezeice04

    High PR/DA Domains For Sale - Own a Private Network Today!

    Blog Networks are the FUTURE OF SEO Anyone who doesn't have access to high PR and DA sites won't be able to rank well on Google. With the previous Google update, it has become apparent that Google is basing it's ranking factors more heavily on quality backlinks rather than quantity of links...
  16. V

    NEED HELP!! Buying dozens of aged, PR 1+ domains!

    Hey guys, I need some help. If I want to buy dozens, even hundreds of AGED PR 1+ domains, where do I go and how do I make sure they are real? Do i use Godaddy Auctions? Do i check the backlinks and make sure it's a solid amount of backlinks which would support the PR of the site? Is there...
  17. puneetas3

    [Help] Almost in a stage of getting Fu** by Godaddy Auction-Need Urgent Advice

    See how I got into some real trouble. Need some help before I get fu**ed by Godaddy. I joined the Godaddy auction membership and was looking to buy some expiring domains. I wanted to get some PR3 and 4 domains (no more 2). But once I started browsing and checking domains I placed bids on more...
  18. F

    Godaddy Buy it Now PR 1-5 Auction List FREE

    Hey everybody, been mia for a while now, but keeping very productive. Thought I could give back to the community. This is a list (collected last night) of auctions at GoDaddy with the "buy it now" option and pagerank 1-5. Below is also my aff link if you wish to purchase a domain,a click through...
  19. ibmethatswhoib

    Found a PR 4 for sale $12

    I don't know much about how godaddy auctions work but I found a cheap PR 4 domain, it only has 9 links. It's 3 years old, I never really buy and sell domains. Would it be worth it to buy it and resell it for more? How much do PR 4's usually sell for? Could it be that it's a PR 4 now but...
  20. ShadeDream

    GoDaddy Promotional Codes 2011

    Domain Coupons gdbb776 - $7.99 .com domain renewals. gdz424cb - 30% off .COMs through 5/15/11 GDBBREN8 - Get renewals of .com and .net domains for $7.99. YUP749 ? $7.49 .NET domains FAN749 ? 50% off .ORG domains FED749 ? $7.49 .BIZ domains MIN2499 ? $24.99 .CO domains (usually $30)...
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