1. R698

    Hello! I need your help!

    Guys, I faced a problem can't log into my account in GoDaddy, the problem lies in Google authenticator, go daddy says invalid code, I don't know how to recover access from support long waiting for an answer, does it make sense writing in support of Google authenticator? Please help solve the...
  2. HenryObi

    I Need A US/CA Based Godaddy User To Help Me Fix A Little Thing

    Hi, am having issues with Godaddy successfully forwarding my domain and unfortunately their 24/7 live support is never online so I can chat and complain to them to fix it. I'm in Nigeria, can't call them. So, I need some one who's in either US or CA to help me do the calling and just tell them...
  3. Sfjklm

    Opinion about domain

    is getwars.com good domain ?im looking to sell it quickly,how m should i ask? also is it worth it to buy 19$ GoDaddy featured option?is someone have exp with it? and is anyone sell on sedo ?/
  4. Alex D.

    Godaddy auctions unreal prices

    I have question about godaddy auctions. There are a lot of domains which has DA 0 PA 0 CF 0 TF 0 Backlinks 0 and worth 37k. On example this domain soeasytoremember.com My question is why, I mean it can't be just a name of domain, right?
  5. erasmo0284

    Im looking for good hosting for Company Website I have godaddy what you guys recommend?

    Hi, everybody, I'm new on this so I'd appreciate if anyone advises me. I'm hosting with GoDaddy, they charge me around $10 monthly I assume my website will be receiving around 100 visits daily I want my website with SSL certificated but they charge around $70 yearly.... too much for me I hear...
  6. isetayac

    Many 0.99$ Godaddy domain with 1 Credit Card ?

    Hello guys , I hope you're good . i wonder if there's a way to buy multiple domains with many promotional coupon and with only 1 credit card ? Thank you
  7. psychowarrior

    Why would anyone buy inactive GoDaddy accounts?

    I recently came across a person who is asking for GoDaddy accounts. I asked him the reason and he says "I need to restore my domains so that's why I need GoDaddy accounts". What do you think he'll be doing with the GoDaddy accounts? His conditions for accounts are: 1. It should have at least...
  8. J

    Is Godaddy safe?

    I want to buy a website from godaddy is that site safe for buying a domain and if you have any coupons codes for discounts. Please let me know. Thanks
  9. V

    Godaddy asking for scanned ID!

    Hi BHW members, A few days ago I purchased a domain from Godaddy and they are now asking me to upload scanned ID to unlock my account. I don't know why they did that, but I'm in a dilemma because I entered a different country in the registrar's address and used a phone number from that country...
  10. Prize Poet

    Website Builders Pros and Cons ( Wordpress,Godaddy etc)

    Hey Friends I am about to start few blogs among them one with unlimited pages, Right now I am using one Website Builder of Godaddy but they are not allowing me to build Sitemaps and backlinks. Can i purchase hosting from Godaddy or Hostgator and install Wordpress on them, I dont want to...
  11. salhammers

    Is Cashparking a good earner

    I have about 30 old domains that I just can't or don't have the time to work with. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with cashparking and is it worth a try? Thanks in advance
  12. thatotherguy

    Go Daddy 30% Off Domain Coupon Code

    Place source code FB30TLD in your cart or mention the code when you call! Expires 8/13/2012