1. Bozuyuk

    a little motivation

    i'm leaving a motivational word, if everyone left one, it might be useful for someone A year from now you may wish you had started today. -Karen Lamb.
  2. seelyaftini

    Why do people not succeed despite having access to everything they need in the current world? I need a convincing answer, not a simple one!!

    I know some answers but I still don't understand because currently I just gotten started working online and I see everything is available that sometimes not sometimes always make me fail, because I think why everything is available on the internet and I still see people complaining and working...
  3. homchange

    I'd do whatever it takes

    Hi all, I'm a newbie. But I don't put some posts like "How can I make x amount of money?". I wanted to share some thoughts recently. You can imagine it's like we're chatting and drinking tea. I've spent many years getting my education done. Aka, I didn't have any experience in this real world...
  4. S

    Now I'm BLUE!!!

    Finally, I've achieved my GOAL! Really thanks for appreciating me at that time to encourage myself @SEOzack @Razen666 @Topiano and a special mention to @MisterF, that's why I have worked hard to achieve this within the month of MAY! :)
  5. Araleksiev

    My 0 to 100$ may journey

    Hey, I don't have much activity on this site, been lurking here in the last few months. I love this place and the community you guys have built. I've made some cash in the past, running ads for some dentistry students and acquiring patients for their lessons, but now with coronavirus lockdown...
  6. G

    My Journey to 500€ a Month with IM and Beyond!

    Hello BHW. Before anything, I just want to say that I am glad to be apart of the community. I am one big lurker of this forum. I think there’s nobody here more lurker than me. I lurk so much that I registered, logged off moments later, and when back to lurk. I needed a reason to engage with...
  7. chkomze

    Journey to 834 dollars per month On Quora

    Hi, My goal : is to earn 834 dollars a month Started 2 days : now, I add 103 Questions ... My startegy : add every days 50 Questions !!! Hope me guys to earn this 1k per month and achieve goal and why not 10 000 dollars Per Year !!! We will update you regularly and show what we made and...
  8. Dayaljai

    Your goal 2019?

    Your goal how much money do you want to achieve at the end of 2019 example (10k,20k,30,50kor100k maybe 1M) Are you delegate your goal daily how much productivity are you giving in order to fulfil your goal uff im not able to focusing my goal always distracted not stay positive in the long run...
  9. gh0s1

    Journey to 170 dollar per day

    In my introductory thread I said that my goal is 5000 dollars a month which is still my goal but seeing how many people told me to slow my roll I'm guessing that saying 170 dollars a day doesn't seem as daunting. I know that this will take time as I've been running blogs and other online content...
  10. back2form

    How to achieve your goal every time!

  11. PowerPath

    [JOURNEY] $1200 PROFIT /Month With Social Management Services [POWERPATH]

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing all right. I am going to start a social media management service and aim to earn $1200 before May 1st, 2018. The Reason I am Making This Journey I am making this journey to not only help and motivate others but to also help and motivative myself and...
  12. Luced

    [Journey] Blogging + Dating site + Casino site + Private CPA = $500/day

    Finally, I decided to start three projects simultaneously. - Blogging - Dating site - Casino site For blogging, I setup account on WordPress and published my first blog about Binary Option Trading. Some of cpa network were not working well for me and others not accepted me. So I am using a...
  13. Olivia.

    My Goal as a Noob

    Hi! as the title says My goal as a Noob is this; (I don't have method tho :D any recommendation would be great.) 1st month $150 2nd month $300 3rd month $750 4th month $2000 and keep earning $2000+ Is it possible as a noob :) Thanks :)
  14. Noah Hawryshko

    My 200 Account Instagram Journey to 85,000 Follows and $101.16 Per Day

    The Introduction: Hi all! I've picked up Instagram in the last little while and though I'd start a journey. Though this journey is primarily for the purpose of keeping myself accountable, I hope I can also help benefit others and give back to the community. This will be my first major endeavor...
  15. SeoProMatt

    My Journey to $10,000 a month in 12 months. STEP BY STEP.

    From multiple sources, I plan on increasing my monthly revenue to $10,000 by July 2017. Keep in mind i'm also a full time student studying towards my degree in Aerospace Engineering. Present: 1) Started a tutoring company (Tutoring For Students) Current income: $450 a month 2) Client SEO and...
  16. NicholasVegas

    Nicholas' introduction

    Hello, After a few days soaking in information from BHW, I am happy to join you guys as a fellow member! As of now I have no practical experience in IM (internet marketing), but I am happily learning. Goal #1: Start a Journal to help noobs like me and keep my future goals on track Current...
  17. A

    Hello Bro!

    Hello there, i'm newbie here. I'm focus to clickbank and adsense & i want to learn more in BHW. Wish me luck to achieve my goal. Thank You!
  18. R

    Your Ultimate Goal To Achieve?

    What do you dream of achieving ? Suppose you are asked to give up on everything related to this field and take certain amount of cash instead. How much $$$ would it be and how would u use it? :) My Goals: 1. A small sea facing villa in Istanbul-Turkey where I live with my wife and parents :P...
  19. F

    $2000/month in two months...

    I joined about a week ago and have spent most of the week reading hundreds of pages. I love the community I see. I've noticed a lot of journeys start out pumped and then end after a few posts, hoping this one is different. I'll post every step of the way but I do have a life that pulls me away...
  20. F

    HELLO WORLD! - New but ready to learn and grow!

    Here's a long intro, I'm a programmer and entrepreneur (although there's plenty of articles saying that's the wrong titles to use :). By no means would I oversell myself as a pro programmer, but I've got some good experience. I also built a few crawlers for a company a few years ago. have to...
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