1. Ms.Marry

    Girls with or without Makeup ⚡️

    This is What i Just found crazy how girls look in the morning without Makeup
  2. Marisaa

    Welcome me (A Blackhat girl Who stepping in the forum)

    Hey i am New here ! Please Guide me So that no Rules can Broken ! An motivate Msg can Help me also To contribute in BHW. Basically i am Blackhat Expert who Were working in some MNC Companies as an Security level Expert.. Thank You in Advance #Girl Power
  3. speedie

    I Need to Date an Internet Marketer, a Cute Girl

    Hey, Before you raise an eyebrow on this thread, I'm damn serious and don't give a shit whatever criticism I may come up against. I am 26 years right now and need a girl who will understands I'm a full-time internet marketer and we share/do stuff together ;) Currently I study as MSc student in...
  4. Yasminxo2

    Best Path for Girl doing homemade porn & cam?

    So I just made an account on here, I have been lurking the past two weeks because I know its annoying for people to post questions on here when there are plenty of threads about it already However,I want to make sure I am going to my full potential and not making any mistakes So I just...
  5. R

    My trip on Pornhub

    Hello to the whole community! Today I want to tell you a little about my trip on Pornhub. Two months ago I started, so far I have 262k views and 6.7 subscribers. My first video got a good number of views, 201k, the following not so much, but little by little I will go up. I handle a lot with...
  6. R

    Hi!! My first post n.n

    Hi all! I am new to this site, I am still reading and interacting with him. I am an amateur girl who is trying to make a living with pornography. I hope we get along. Thanks for the space! Lots of love UwU
  7. A

    How do you select pictures for fake girl accounts?

    Any tips? I'm trying to make a believable ig, fb, or twitter account so I am hesitant to use from these platforms themselves Thanks
  8. Kixmx

    Tiny 18yo in a big (Internet) world!

    Hi! I'm an 18yo female, completely new in this sphere and I'm looking to grow and develop on social media! I've a keen interest in equestrianism and I'm looking to grow an Instagram account directed at a 'glamorous equestrian' lifestyle. if anybody would be willing to give me some advice - or is...
  9. M

    Hello, new member here. Help needed

    Hello bhw community, i have been reading this forum for few months now. I am here to make some money like most of us. Currently i have a youtube channel with around 600 followers and 650 000 total views, its in hot girls niche. Now i have read that its better to go with instagram instead of...
  10. arpitsoni

    A little girl kicks a soccer ball. It goes 10 feet and comes back to her. How is this possible?

    reply the answer
  11. NisseNN

    Monetize friends facebook

    Hey, I have an girl chick account on facebook with 2000 friends, how can I monetize this account? People are mostly from Europe.
  12. shriny

    Hello all

    Hello all, This is shriny, a lovely girl from China. I graducated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and my job is affiliate marketing manager. I like traveling, dancing and reading. This is the first time I visited blackhatworld, which is an awesome website. Hope to make friends here...
  13. L

    Lost a fake account... What a pitty!!!

    Alright, as a totally noob. I had created 2 or 3 day ago a fake beautiful female account and I was experimenting with it. With just 3 days aprox, I was going to reach the 600 friends! Good numbers? I was playing normally, like real person. Waiting to add, to comment, likeing, etc. Suddenly...
  14. mxrtxn

    SAD: Girl living in car vs failed wf marketer

  15. hootsparta

    How to impress a girl you desired to?

    Hi mates, Here i would like to know, is it possible to impress a girl you desire? I have came across many but i couldn't really impress a girl i desired to impress. Please don't think bad or funny about this post, just share your experiences about the ideas that you have used to impress your...
  16. L

    Facebook Fake Account Networking Page

    Hey guys, Didn't see a topic like this in the forum yet. The idea is basically to make a page so that members of BHW with fake chick accounts can add each other (and tag/comment/like eventually etc...) so that the accounts look more legit. Chicks accounts with 90% guys is really suspicious...
  17. Madruga

    Teaching girlfriends about IM; a HIT or a MISS; more about it, inside

    Well this is a complex question, because it should rely upon several (maybe critical) factors. But until I'll mention those, let's focus on the main question: Would you teach your girlfriend, how to bank with IM? Would you explain and spoon fed (or not) her in the first phases, how to bank in...
  18. dexterfly

    Brazilian hottest girl of 2009

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