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SAD: Girl living in car vs failed wf marketer

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by mxrtxn, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. mxrtxn

    mxrtxn Newbie

    Jun 15, 2010
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    This is exactly why I personally love BHW and why I quit the wf long time ago. The first case made feel sorry and sad for the gal, just seeing the merciless replies to that chick who is living in her car... One of them acutally suggested her to buy another WSO! What a heartless SOB.


    Quote: "I built this site in dreamweaver, taught myself, html, php, etc to do it. Did all the appropriate keyword research and put ads out on bidvertiser.com
    Now the site just sits there, getting very little traffic. I thought I could build this thing and people would just find it. Not so.

    So now, it is going through SEO and being moved to wordpress. Articles are being written for publishing on EZINE. But still very little traffic. And so much time has been spent trying to make this thing work that I am just out of time. I left my job to care for a family member who has since passed away. Now I find myself all alone, cannot get back into the workforce due to the still waning economy and am living in my car at the moment.

    I am looking for a mentor because I obviously did all the WRONG things or at least in the wrong order.

    I am begging for help. Though I am a smart person, apparently I am an idiot when it comes to IM. Looking for a mentor to help. I have no problem working hard and doing the work, just need a mentor."

    Asshole reply to someone who is broke and cannot spend more money chasing rainbows in the WSO section:

    Quote: "The main discussion forum is not the place to ask for a mentor or a coach. You'll want to check out the mastermind forum to try and connect / network with people there:

    Local Meetings, Mastermind Groups, And Forum Events

    You can also find a plethora of coaching offers in the WSO forum and/or read people's posts and find Warriors that you like and resonate with and ask them if they will mentor or coach you.

    The Warrior Special Offer forum (WSO) is here:

    Warrior Special Offers Forum


    The thread was immediately closed after that, let´s compare it with the next case below:

    The second case is a joke, another sacred cow in that f*cked up forum, is having a pity party because his articles don´t bring traffic to him anymore due to a google algorithm change. The same character was selling how to make money frauducts at a wso. Even sacred cow and shemale article syndication guru Alexa Smith/Tim Nagley joined the party.

    Steven Wagenheim´s pity party:


    After seeing this I thanked god I found BHW, you guys and the forum in general are waaaay above that shit hole known as the wf.

    This has been a school of marketing to me and I have learn more here in a week than in months in that disgusting place.

    I just wished that girl the best.

    P.S. Dear gal: If someday you happen to read this, I hope you already had realized that the wf is a nest full of scammers who are trained in how to sell dreams and fake promises to naive people.

    All the knowledge is FREE!!!
    , I hope you someday find the BHW and its download section, not to mention the enourmous amount of helpful posts in here.

    Right now, in your situation you should get a job in the real world, instead of hoping any assitance of a bunch of heartless scammers.
    Wf has been exposed as the shit hole it is many times before. Googling warriorforum + scam or sucks is enought to see the plethora of BS and the fake characters that pray in the hope and dispair of many like.

    If there´s a God I hope He bless you and help you moving forward.

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  2. Blare


    Aug 20, 2009
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    If you wanted to reach her, you could have pm'd her on wf?
  3. silentthunder

    silentthunder Power Member

    Feb 6, 2009
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    In the pink
    BWF Black Warrior Forum? Is that new?! ......... :D
  4. mxrtxn

    mxrtxn Newbie

    Jun 15, 2010
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    I was banned forever after questioning shemale Alexa Smith. I knew about this after seeing a blog exposing the case.
    That´s a good idea, maybe I should create, a new account and reach here and also use it to PM the newbies locked inside the WSO section and lead them to the download section of BHW...

    You just gave me a good idea, thanks Blare
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2013