geo targeting

  1. ArmineZ

    Redirecta - Redirect based on GEO location, browser language, device type, IP address, referrer URL and many others!

    Redirecta is software made for internet marketers, web masters, web designers, and anyone else who works with websites. The software allows its users to redirect based on GEO location, browser language, device type, operating system, browser, referrer URL, time and so much more. It makes...

    FB Groups Geo Targeting

    How do i target country specific buy/sell groups on FB? Would changing my ip help without raising any suspicions? or do i have to change my location on my FB account to the targetted country?
  3. F

    Google Webmaster Tools - Geotargeting?

    Does someone of you use this feature? Will it help me or hurt me? Since the website is about celebrity and not about some local shop in NY or w/e?
  4. M

    Best tips for a TAXI website (Schema, meta tags, geocoding, keywords, AMP, etc.)

    What is the best way to get Google Now 'taxi near me' and Siri to take notice? I use the #taxi tag on Glympse and want to share my GPS in real-time. If you can be so kind as to help I will be eternally grateful and I am not beyond sending thanks to anyone who steps forward to help with the code...
  5. mainceaft

    Looking for Free ad rotate

    Hi every one . I have blogspot blog and want to use rotate affiliate banners on it . I tried DFP Small Business but it not work well from . it's shown adsense ads instead of affiliate banners even when I Disabled AdSense on it . what I need simple to I add ads blocks and select geographic...
  6. Z

    Geographic Locations appearing in SERPS

    I have a problem with a local competitors website. He has several locations populating under his primary website. Please check the picture below, I'd like to know what it takes to do and rank this. Sorry for low quality.
  7. Satan Claus

    umairsheikh2002 "REAL Geo-Targeted VISITORS" BST scam

    I'm referring to the service being sold in this BST thread: The OP clearly states: You can view the visits coming in here: (Link provided by umairsheikh2002...
  8. umairsheikh2002

    REAL Geo-Targeted VISITORS from as little as $7

    BST Closed by Staff due to misrepresentation of services offered. Bot traffic is not real human traffic. User was also removed for mass PM spamming users to sign up for an unapproved affiliate program.
  9. xLoKuMx

    My New Year Gift for BHW - Geo redirect script with blank referrer option...

    Hi everyone! I started learning PHP a week ago and coded some easy scripts for myself to gain experience. One of them is my New Year Gift for BHW. I read it a lot, people searching for a geo targeting script. So I think that it'll be of use for some of you... :) If you want to use it as...
  10. T

    Geo Targeting Script

    Hello, I have working GEO Targeting script and it uses MaxMind Database (updated November 2nd, 2010). It will provide you following info: Country Code, County Name, Country Flag, City, State and Zip of each visitor. All it will take 2 mins to set it up on your website. I tried to post the...
  11. B

    How to geo target & rotate offers all in one ?

    I would like to know of any free solution that will allow me to geo target my offers on my site to suit the visitor + rotate targeted offers In most cases i have dedicated landers to different demographics but i also have alot of loose traffic from articles and video submissions. The article...
  12. DJJack

    10/01/10 - 1079 Fresh Anonymous Geo Proxy List

    Hi There Guys, Just Thought I'd Give A Small Contribution Everyday To The Forum. This Is NOT The Proxy List From "Youtube Friends Adder" Of Any Sort. Completely Different Source Of GEO Anonymous Proxies Todays List: 1079 Proxies Format: Notepad - Each Proxy New Line Date: 10/01/10 All...
  13. T

    Is there a such thing...

    a geo targeted proxy? If so, who sells them? need a few for some states in the US. Let me know.
  14. mystery

    This Is Starting To Piss Me Off!

    As if the trademark issue wasn't enough, now adwords is sending me traffic from countries/locations I haven't included in my geo-targeting! :bsflag: I came back to check my stats and what do you know... a few clicks from blocked countries! Yes, from adwords ads not other source... Luckily...
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