geo target

  1. ArmineZ

    Redirecta - Redirect based on GEO location, browser language, device type, IP address, referrer URL and many others!

    Redirecta is software made for internet marketers, web masters, web designers, and anyone else who works with websites. The software allows its users to redirect based on GEO location, browser language, device type, operating system, browser, referrer URL, time and so much more. It makes...
  2. J

    Geo Targeting in real time on different platform.

    I am looking to target tourist who comes on an island and testing what would they buy online . Statistics of the tourist last year was 10,000,000 for a month will be 833,333 we got 27,777 daily we split to half as some of them could be to old doesn't spent time on social media and would be...
  3. BlackHatC0in

    HQ Likes, Shares, Recommendations?

    Hi, I have been looking for a service that can help with Twitter followers and or facebook likes. I tried multiple, very cheap ones and more expensive ones. But it always ends up in the same way. After a couple of days, weeks most of the likes/followers are gone. They are sufficient to get...
  4. N

    Youtube Brazilian Views

    I am looking for Brazilian views to youtube, that i can provide good quality to my clients, with good retention.
  5. Guybrushthepirate

    HTTP header for multi language website

    Hi all, having a multi language website (URLs are like I am wondering if there is any configuration for the HTTP header which is better than others. So far I'm using 302 redirects based on language detection and hreflang tags on each page. Is there something very...
  6. ThatBritishGuy

    Geo Targeting Tool in Jarvee

    So I see a lot of talk about this feature with regards to people using it to work on local business accounts they are running and generating them more sales, etc. I briefly trialed it with no success as I used a lot of keywords in the "solar" niche and located a few cities. It appeared maybe...
  7. ShiningWarrior

    Is This Good Way To Target Spanish People For CPA Offer?

    Hey, I made two ad groups to target Spanish people for a CPA offer. One ad is in English and the other is in Spanish. The English ad will have the option to translate to the default spanish if the people want. The ad in English: The ad in Spanish: I want to know are these ads good for...
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