1. C

    How to make money on gamers?

    Hi. Last few years I've been making money through mass messaging in telegram/discord. Mostly by promoting different crypto projects. However, for instance, in discord there are ~150k active unique members in crypto related servers(collected over the years). I'd love to switch focus to gamers...
  2. N

    Make money being a gamer (for gamers only)

    So greetings all, as i you saw in the title you can make money if you have tried so many things and didn't work for you as it didn't for me and i got bored from much things that needs money and domain...ect For me i discovered about this method long time ago but i didn't use it much and i got...
  3. RedCornerGames

    How Can i Increase My App Installs?

    Hello, We are a mobile games development company. i want to increase my application downloads from all over the world. How can i increase the installs organically? Suggest the best ways to increase How can i increase the installs by paid campaigns? Suggest best platform and whats the minimum...
  4. N

    Mailinglist targeted towards gamers

    Hi, We would like to target gamers (mainly mobile gamers) to sell more after our succesful crowdfunding campaign. Does anyone have a mailinglist or another way to target these segments? Thanks
  5. M

    [UPDATE] PC Gamer Invents New Way to Play

    Hey BHW, Wanted to post an update from one of my previous threads Press release: PC Gamer Invents New Way to Play Once again I wanted to get the communities help. My friend has re-released his campaign on Kickstarter and is killing it this time. He reached his goal in 27hrs and has...
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