[UPDATE] PC Gamer Invents New Way to Play


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Sep 23, 2008
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Hey BHW,

Wanted to post an update from one of my previous threads

Press release: PC Gamer Invents New Way to Play

Once again I wanted to get the communities help. My friend has re-released his campaign on Kickstarter and is killing it this time. He reached his goal in 27hrs and has almost raised the amount he was looking for in the previous one.

We are hoping to get picked up this time by some of the larger sites mentioned below but in English. It has been featured on Gizmodo in Japan, DVICE, Joystiq, IGN in Germany, Engadget in Spain, and Neowin!!!

If you have any constructive opinions or comments on some things you would like to see integrated, I would really appreciate it. I'm not here to ask for money, as an avid gamer I know that this is a place filled with experienced gamers who can provide useful feedback.

Follow the progress on Kicktraq

The Paradise desk is the first desk designed completely for computer enthusiasts and gamers who want a premium desk. The concept stems from the idea that a desk should acts like an extension of your computer and all computer devices, including the computer & monitor, directly plug into the desk. This concept makes it easier to plug in and maneuver devices without awkwardly bending over or reaching behind your computer, as such with current desks. It also allows you to avoid the tangled wire mess beneath the desk, by plugging in the computer and its devices directly into the desk.
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