Make money being a gamer (for gamers only)

Mar 16, 2019
So greetings all, as i you saw in the title you can make money if you have tried so many things and didn't work for you as it didn't for me and i got bored from much things that needs money and domain...ect
For me i discovered about this method long time ago but i didn't use it much and i got back to it these days and i got pretty good results from it and it pays better than any other method i tried out in my wholemakingmoney carreer so i will explain the method and give you proof of a payment i got from the site that i will talk about so let's get it started:
First of all if you haven't heard about csgo (Counter Strike Global Offensive) Than you are a no gamer i suggest you to look away for method but you can stay because even if you are not a gamer you can use this method if you are smart so this one works with referrals all you need to do is:
- Refer people and by people i mean gamers who play the game (csgo) because this site is where most of pros play and participate in different kind of tournaments and it gives an advantage that is: There is no cheaters that will destroy you, if you start a comptetive game.
- Second thing you need is to subscribe to someone, by doing that you will have the ability to refer people on this site to play on it and earn money by doing that
so that's it for the requierments you need to do and yes you gonna tell me what's the price of the subscription and how much i earn from refering gamers?
Yeah so for you, you have to start subscribing with 7$ you create an account and when you subscribe to someone you can go to "earn money by refering others" that you will find in the "manage account" button above
It's pretty simple, where you post for refering others? you can post it on Forums for gamers, Social media, Steam groups... anything that has good traffic and interrested gamers that do play the game everytime you refer someone you will get 7$ for you, for me it's the best site for referals for it's high paid amount of money they give you when you refer someone so it's gonna be easy for you to make money, imagine refering 50 gamer as an example: 50x7= 350$
So yeah that's it for all i wanted to say and i will give you the site here you can go:
You can go here if you want to start making your own money as i said you have to subscribe to someone so i will drop mine here if you want to use it:
[link redacted]
Or you can go look for someone's other ref to use it it's all like you want but i would appreciate if you support me and use mine (This method is used by a lot of people and no one wants to expose it)
But as i like helping people , because i can understand how frustrated you can be if no one helps you specially in this domain (How To Make Money Online)
Hope you enjoy it and good luck for all,
I will drop a proof of a payment redemption i did recently so you can believe me this site is legit !


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