1. T

    Gadget Channel

    Hi guys. So I'm thinking of doing a gadget channel : Using 6 seconds max of other people's video content, mixed with some stills and zooms Links to all the videos used My own voiceover and script Youtube studio music Injecting some light humour Possible affiliate links Any advice on this...
  2. mzonas

    Gadget repair SEO agency

    Hi all, My other journey is still on. This journey is going to bring me in some extra cash ... or waste my time completely. I have no idea. Basically, Google banned ads that target gadget repair services that contain brand keywords. For example iPhone repair Leeds is no longer showing paid ads...
  3. Ecodor

    Create/Design Gadgets From Scratch

    Hi there BHW, I have something new that I want to create. Can anybody tell me how and where should I direct? Its gadget that i want to develop and sell. And if it's possible to go in details I will gladly appreciate it.
  4. Worm99

    (METHOD) What would you give me for a time machine? Here's one for free.

    Here?s a method I used a while ago. It?s been around and I can?t claim I?ve invented it, and don?t remember where I heard of it. I?ve used it successfully for a while then moved on to bigger, easier and more profitable things. You won?t get rich with it, but it can make you some decent money to...
  5. 500views

    This will probably Revolutionize selfies

    Take a look at this video .... What are your thoughts on this? I think this will change the way people take selfies. Noone will be taking selfies but they will all get this little robot to be there own personal photographer. Crazy how...
  6. R

    Any good tech or gadget affiliate programs out there?

    I have a tech gadgets website that is around 13k in organic visits a month (15k+ in overall visitors). I've used Adsense and Amazon so far and make about $100 off of Adsense and $20 off of Amazon a month. My traffic is continuing to grow but I don't feel like I'm getting the most $$ for the...
  7. S

    High Quality Technology Site for Guest post

    Hi Friends, This is my premium blog under technology.. If any one need to publish guest post in my blog with good price. PM me for blog URL and other details thanks
  8. eunicemartinez_21

    Anyone from Singapore? Please advice where I can find cheap wholesale gadgets in SG

    Well I am planning on starting a business here in my country selling gadgets such as mobile phones, cameras, laptops etc... I saw someone doing the same selling online (that store got me motivated :D) and their prices are so much cheap than the regular price you can find in malls or I can say...
  9. S

    Looking for gagdets wholesaler

    Hello, I'm looking for wholesalers that sell all sorts of gadgets. I have been searching on alibaba for suppliers, but it is hard to find wholesalers that sell the latest and hottest gadgets. Maybe I am looking for it the wrong way. I want to offer the same products as websites like...
  10. aldragon

    Check this Idea is itr possible?

    Hi fellows, I have been using igxxgle as my homepage for a long time in chrome. I keep different gadgets like; most seached keywords,local weather,a several others. I mainly use 2 browsers; mozilla and chrome. In mozilla I have most of the tools for seo purposes but I don't log into my G...
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