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  1. Danny Crypto

    Still making money from adult video upload

    I am posting videos on small porn video sites and spamming a lot of them, videos stay for some time and generates views and clicks for me, in the end they pay me via ppl networks. I am going through the churn and burn process and still able to generate handsome income by a funnel designed by...
  2. R

    Funnel/Landing page for Home Improvement Niche

    Hello All, I hope you are all doing good. I want to build a funnel/Landing page for Home Improvement category, and the only point of making this funnel/landing page is for lead generation, people would be asked for their name, address, city, country, state, and ( services they need like if they...
  3. activebynight

    One of the best funnels I've ever seen

    DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH THIS COMPANY. I don't really know how I've stumbled upon this, but it is a pretty solid looking offer. Really convincing funnel, I think everyone can get some inspiration. I am not sharing it here for promotion and I can't recommend buying that product...
  4. GringoMonkey

    My B2C Media Buying Funnel

    A number of people have asked me about this, so I thought I would share my media buying funnel for business to consumer products as most people don’t really know where they should start. Hopefully this post helps you understand that better for your B2C business. Pre-lander | V Landing page | V...
  5. Contentcop

    Funnel Builder that allows Adult traffic???

    I've been promoting CPA offers on Facebook on and off for about a year, with mixed results. Currently I found a couple of good Adult offers. Previously I've been using ClickFunnels to build my landing pages but unfortunately they don't allow any nudity. Is there an alternative to ClickFunnels...
  6. slickbrick

    NEW Funnel Deconstructed: Jason Capital "Hiring Funnel" Is a Scam?

    Hey guys! I wanted to share ma deconstruction of his funnel and what I would've added to make it more effective. It's a mix of nice Copywriting and classic Persuasion. 1) Announcement/News + Curiosity (“hiring people and teaching the copywriting secrets…): Story + Vakog + what I call "Mind...
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