freelance writer

  1. DMWD

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Get Results-Driven Content That Converts - Choose from 3 Tiers Starting at ❤️ $0.0099/Word ❤️ Free Review Copies

    Get Results-Driven Content That Converts - Choose from 3 Tiers Starting at ❤️ $0.0099/Word ❤️ At the heart of our company is a passion for creating exceptional content that informs, inspires and engages our audience. We believe in the power of words to shape and change perspectives, and it...
  2. AllyBarns

    Time required to write 1500 word article

    I recently started writing blogs to post on my portfolio website. I want to work as a freelance writer when I learn 'enough'. Although I like writing and I am writing personal journals for a long time. I find no difficulty in writing those. But when I write articles on topic where I need to do...
  3. HowToBeHappy

    Looking to hire freelance writer

    I am looking for a freelancer, not a service, not an agency or a BST seller. An individual. English grammar perfection. Must have Grammarly premium ( find it for $10 on Fiverr). I do not want to be spending hours editing your sloppy work. Good rates of pay. Pay through PayPal Send me PM with...
  4. Swineford

    LF Content Mills

    I know there are a ton out there. The ones that I know are blogmutt, copypress, zerys, articledocument, and constant content. I am curious if there are any that I haven't seen over the years. I might be missing a few, but I would love to hear some feedback if anyone knows of anymore. Thanks!
  5. corgi_lover87

    A quick question, guys! Please help me out. Charging fee dilemma

    Here's my case. Someone is interested in hiring my services as a writer. Will charge me $5 per 1500-word article/how-to guide. Is this reasonably priced? Although I am still starting to be a freelance writer, I do have ample experience in content writing in the corporate setting. 4 years...
  6. corgi_lover87

    My Freelance Writing Journey - First Stop: Fiverr

    Have you ever experienced the stomach-churning feeling of leaving a 8-5 job and venturing the unknown world--in my case, yes--of freelancing? I did just that, and, oh boy, it is indeed nerve-wracking. I want to be a freelance writer and just started to be like one, approximately 8 days ago in...
  7. Lovelesh - High Quality Article at $3/500 words. Get $10 Extra on Refill of $10 ★★★★★

    Hire Freelance Content Writers at Affordable Price. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Full Refund The One-Stop Global Content Marketplace Contentmart is a leading online content marketplace that connects thousands of international business clients to talented freelance copywriters and editors...
  8. J

    Hello BHW friends

    I'm delighted to be here. I remain my humble self, a vibrant Chemist, article accelerator/writer, freelancer, success propagator, political catalyst, logo designer and research enthusiast. Love sharing knowledge especially undiluted and concentrated one. I am popular in facebook, nairaland...
  9. L

    Need a Versatile and Talented Content Writer

    Hello, I need a promising, dependable and quality writer in real sense My Topics include coupons, Customer retention, startups, business, entrepreneurship, blogs for business, email hacks and marketing, fashion, relationship, parenting. customer acquisition, CAC and many more word count 350 t0...
  10. boaob2011

    I'm looking for a freelance writer - part time

    I'm looking for a freelance writer who can write a good quality article for adult website. Articles must be 100% unique and copyscape passed. It must be consisted of 700 - 800 english words based on our keywords. The article must be fluently written in english and in good quality. we will review...
  11. W

    {FREE ARTICLE} Get High Quality Article Completely FREE <<< HURRY Now!

    ....................CLOSED!............... ___________________ Thanks everyone, the offer as closed for now. I will contact the lucky ones chosen. I will also open up this offer some other times. Feel free to PM me inorder to know the exact time I will open up the offer. or skype me -...
  12. Swordude

    High Quality American Content Writer for Hire

    Greetings BHW Please excuse my lack of a fancy graphical pitch page, but then again, you're here for content not graphic design. I'm excited to offer my content writing services here for the very first time! I have been a freelance writer for almost eight years now -- it's been a long and...
  13. American Trends

    Hiring US native writers

    I am starting a new website, hiring US writers for the same, only US writers. Agencies please do not contact. I want freelance writers to join my team. Please send in the sample of your academic and technical writing. Also mention the charges for 500 words and TAT...
  14. S

    If I was rude

    Hello BHW members, I contacted a client from one of the low paying countries following his thread here on BHW few months ago. I checked his website and it looked like he was serious. I was asked to take a test, which I passed. After the test (that took a whole day to complete), work didn't show...
  15. thewanderingpen

    Looking For An Article Writer With Affordable Rates (Who Also Loves Flash Games)

    Hello BHW, How was New Year? I hope everyone had a BLAST! :) As for me, I want to start 2012 right by focusing more on my affiliate marketing campaigns and free up some valuable time by outsourcing articles. That said, I'm looking for someone who can write 650-word articles on flash games...
  16. S

    US Based news writer

    hi, I am looking to work with a us based individual writing article for a Us based website. you need to have a clean criminal records checks because record checks will be needed. I wlll provide the material the articles, but I will need you to go through the checking system. Taxes...
  17. B

    High Quality article writer

    we need high quality article writers, must know about seo style of writing. post for full time blogger also there. pm me with you samples
  18. R

    In need of an lifestyle article writer 40 articles in a month

    Hi! Our Company is in need of someone who could provide us with 40 400word article about Beauty and lifestyle, cosmetic and plastic surgery per month. This will be a retainer job. We are looking for someone who could write interesting articles that will help boost our sales. Our company is...
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